There’s these commercials for fibromyalgia or however it is spelled.  And I know it is horrible, blah, blah, blah and painful and etc.  But the commercials?  Kind of annoying.

Anyway, commercial lady starts by saying “There were days when my fibromyalgia was so painful and I couldn’t…”

Keem:  Fast forward?  Well, I can.

Or the car commercial with Howie Long for the Highlander where he is talking about Maggie, the smart little girl and how she’s a big girl?  This is Keem’s version of it:


This is Maggie, a smart little girl and this is a seat for some boring car called the Highlander.   And this is Keem fast forwarding through your annoying little commercial.

The DVR – best invention ever and also, a great source of laughter.

Although there are some commercials we will not fast forward through – I absolutely have to watch movie trailers.  Movie trailers are awesome.  If the commercial is actually funny, we’ll watch it.

Do any of you remember this one?  This is one of my favorite commercials of all time: