Dear Joss Whedon,

I love you.  No, seriously, I do.  You are brilliant and I admire your mind so very much.  Do not fear, I will not suddenly start stalking you because a) I do not know where you live, b) my criminal tendencies have been quelled by Beth constantly telling me to “be good” every time she says goodbye to me and c) I do not drive and none of my friends have responded well to my pleas of “Hey, let’s go stalk Joss Whedon.  C’mon, it’ll be fun.”  Okay, no, I’ve never actually said that. 

Why do I love thee? 

  1. First there was Buffy.  And with Buffy came the glorious Angel, a vampire with a soul.  Brooding, somewhat vain (the guy is obsessed with his hair after all) and oh-so-cute, you proved to the world that real vampires do NOT sparkle but can have a sense of humor.
  2. Then there was Spike.  Taking the sense of humor even further and making it rather twisted, Spike burst into my heart like a runaway train.  And having Billy Idol get his sense of style from Spike?  Brilliant. 
  3. And Xander.  Ah, my heart pines for the poor one-eyed Xander.  Demon magnet extraordinare.  No special powers but can deliver jelly donuts like nobody’s business.
  4. And Oz.  Master of the one liner and a werewolf?  How can we resist him?
  5. Giles with the divine English accent and an incredible singing voice?  Oh, also, thank you for “Once More with Feeling.”  Best musical ever and also I listen to it daily on my iPod.
  6. If it wasn’t enough that you held me captive on Tuesday nights, then Angel moved to LA and we were introduced to Doyle and Lindsay.  I am still not pleased about Doyle dying but get it.  He was a hero.  Lindsay, well, there’s a reason why I love the bad boys.  And my God, can the man sing.
  7. Wesley as a rogue demon hunter (“What’s a rogue demon?”).
  8. Then you brought me Firefly with beautiful Mal and rough Jane and sweet Wash (although I have not quite forgiven you for killing him) and the really cute doctor even though I have forgotten his name.
  9. And although I have not yet watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, I plan on buying it some day soon.  Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion?  Be still my heart.
  10. Speaking of my heart, thank you so much for the Dollhouse.  Especially Friday’s episode.  Boyd is awesome.   Watching Echo and Agent Ballard fight was fantastic.  Plus, I cried.  So, again, thank you. 

Yours truly,


PS Did I mention that I love you?