I have just done a thing that is completely out of character for me.  I volunteered to help clean up the Saint Paul parks this Saturday. 

I have elected to get up early on a Saturday morning and go deal with trash.  Trash thrown onto the ground by people who don’t have the decency to walk two feet and put it into a garbage can.  And dirt.  You know there’s going to be dirt, it’s always dirty after the snow melts.

Plus, the park is outside.  I am not an outside kind of gal.  Granted, I don’t hiss at the sun but I am not overly fond of it.  I moved to downtown Saint Paul because my dream was to live and work in a skyway system so I would never have to go outside again (this worked until NABABNA moved on me) unless I really, really wanted to go outside.

And you just know there will be other people around.  People that will probably want to talk to me and stuff.  I will be bringing my iPod for sure. 

I hate dirt.  And trash.  And I’m not overly fond of being outside or meeting people (you know, outside of the computer).

And yet, I am oddly looking forward to this.  Two hours of being outside with dirt and trash and other people.  The only logical explanation is that Spring is finally coming and I am excited about making the park outside of my apartment beautiful.  Since it’s April, it should be a perfect balmy 45-50 degrees.  Maybe even 60!

It’s going to be an awesome weekend.