This weekend marked an official scrapbooking extravaganza of the year at Beth’s house.  If you are wondering what makes it an extravaganza, that would be if I have an additional day off (Monday).

As always, spending time with Beth is filled with silliness and laughter.  We watched South Park, Lost and the most recent episode of CSI:  It was a Hodges episode.  Those of you who are not familiar with CSI: do not know what you are missing out.  Hodges is played by Wallace Langham and I love him (the character.  While I am fond of Wallace Langham as an actor, I don’t actually know him).  In fact, as I told Christy this morning, my love for Hodges transcends my love for Data from Star Trek:  TNG.  That is strong loo0ve, people (I did not actually mean to spell love with three o’s but one of my fingers is bandaged and it is making typing rather difficult).

This episode, Hodges is at a Sci Fi convention.  There are Star Trek references left and right and at one point Hodges utters “He’s dead, Jim.”  It was AWESOME!  Also, there are several fantasy sequences where Hodges imagines himself as the captain on this show called AstroQuest while he’s falling more and more for the charms of Wendy.  Did I mention it was awesome? 

On Sunday we went to Beth’s Dad’s house where we watched quite possibly one of the best shows ever (no.  I never ever exaggerate.  What do you mean?) – Mythbusters.  I’ve seen the show before but this was the Demolition Derby special.  Things blew up, cars were crashed and helicopters and rockets were involved.  In other words, things went BOOM!  I like it when things go boom.

Monday it was off to see Beth’s mom Laurie and her boyfriend Scott.  We met the newest addition to the family, the sweet Corgi puppy Annie James (okay, she’s six but all dogs are puppys to me).  Like all of Laurie’s pets, Annie is a rescue dog.  She is seriously adorable and I wanted to take her home.  We went to try a new restaurant (to us) in Eden Prairie – Baker’s Ribs.  If you like barbeque (and, you know, are in Minnesota), you should check it out.  YUM!  We also watched Heroes where I drooled over the gorgeous Sylar.  We also watched two Star Trek previews and complained over the lack of Spock in them both.  This is how powerful my attraction to Zachary Quinto is – I want more Spock.  Spock is my least favorite Star Trek character.

Much scrapbooking was completed and I arrived home last night, to be greeted by starving kittens.  I also returned home injured.  I tried to scratch a hole in my neck because of the itching caused by the seat belt, I have a paper cut and a hang nail that got infected (hence the problem typing).  It’s quite horrible.  I admit it, I am a complete baby when it comes to pain.

I hope you allo had a great weekend as welol.