I go forever without a new post and when I finally have something to write about, it’s because tonight I lived up to the category entitled “Miss Adventure.”

It’s Thursday.  I went to the Chalet with Beth.  Had to go to the bathroom so headed off there while Beth and Bryan talked about Star Trek (have not yet seen it.  Want to go now!).  I try to open the door and fail.  Hmm.  Something’s preventing the door from opening.  Try again.  Still not working.

I walk over to the bar and ask Annie if something is wrong with the bathroom.  She is puzzled and says no.  John gets up from where he’s talking to a couple people.  He walks me over to the door and in a smiling manner, pulls the door open.  

Yes.  I tried to open a door by pushing when I should have been pulling.  Good Lord.  I’ve been going to this bar for at least 6 years.  I’ve used that bathroom for years.  And tonight I completely forgot how to work a door.

While I am washing my hands, I hear a sudden burst of hysterical laughter.  This is when I realized that John told Beth.

DM:  You JUST had to tell her, didn’t you?
John:  Of course I did.  That was awesome.
Beth:  I think this is the best thing you’ve done in years.

She then proceeds to tell John about other things I’ve done that have landed on the not so bright scale.  Like the time we went to McDonald’s and I reached into the bag, pulled out all of the napkins and wiped my face with them.  Beth looks at me and said “Gosh, it’s not like I needed a napkin or anything.”  She still has not let me live this down.  

Or the first night I spent over at her new house and managed to put a hole in the wall by falling out of bed (the trundle bed fell over with me and there’s a nice hole where the wheel sunk into the wall).

And then, of course, she brought up the Fish Hook Saga.  John proceeds to tell us how he’s managed to hook himself twice while fishing.  The first time in his arm and the second time he had a fish hook land in his head while he was up in International Falls.  Apparently going to the hospital to remove the hook stuck into his SKULL was not an option – because that would result in losing too much fishing time (45 minute trip by boat back to the car and then two hours to the hospital).  No, instead his brother used a needle-nose pliers and a pocket knife to fillet it out of his head.  Yikes.

Beth said to him “Yeah, but you didn’t do it on purpose, right?”

John has a new respect for my idiocy now.  Great.  At least when I’m going to pull a stunt like this, there’s only 6 people in the bar.  Sigh.

Beth (random times throughout the night):  I can’t believe you didn’t try to pull it open.  Just push twice and ‘Oh, it must be broken.’
DM:  SHUT UP!  Annie?
Annie:  Yes?
DM:  Tell Beth to shut up.

Annie smiles and walks quickly away to laugh hysterically at me.

Ah, friends.  Because if you’re going to be mocked, it’s good that it’s by people you care about, right?