So I apologize for not being around lately.  I have been very very busy at work and running around at lunch, which is the easiest time for me to read blogs and also dazzle you with the excitement that is my life.

About that excitement, yeah, nothing much going on around here.  Although I did go see the BEST MOVIE EVER (Star Trek) with Beth and had a scrapbook weekend with her as well.  We also went to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market where I was impressed and pleased with the bounty presented to us.  There will be pictures, once I figure out what I did with my cord thingy that lets me upload the pictures to my computer.

Got back last night from La Crosse.  Was amused by the cute kid story I was told by Eric.  Apparently he and Josh were wandering through the skyway this weekend.

Josh:  I’m hungry.
Eric:  I don’t have any money.  Sorry.
Josh:  Don’t worry, Daddy.  I’ll pay.

With that, he whips out Eric’s bank card.  Um, yeah.  Apparently he also has a habit of taking Eric’s driver’s license as well.  I am imagining a time when Eric gets pulled over and has to explain he doesn’t have his license, his kid is playing with it.

I expect to get caught up with blogs this week.  I hope.  I also hope you are all well and have had an exciting Memorial Day as well.  Now go see Star Trek.  This movie made me fall even more in love with Captain Kirk.  And gain a new appreciation for Spock.  Plus, the guy that plays Bones?  Hot.