But hey, I’ll give it a go anyway.  What the heck, right?

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning.  Follow-up on how things are going since I started taking insulin.

How are they going?  The words spectacular and fantastic come to mind.

  • My blood sugar is under control (ranging around 140 after fasting which is really good when you consider it was well over 200)
  • I feel better (well, other than the fact that I am sick and want to crawl into bed forever)
  • I made the decision to not eat pizza after I checked my blood sugar and saw that it was high (the pizza would have been a midnight snack, not my regular dinner)
  • I am making healthy, responsibile choices when it comes to eating
  • Lean Pockets Spinach, Artichoke Chicken pocket thingy is quite possibly the yummiest thing ever
  • So is Coke Zero.  Unless, of course, you are a diehard Coke fan.  Then you won’t be convinced.  But for me, it is a nice substitute for Mountain Dew
  • My chiropractor came into the examination room on Monday and asked “Are you exercising?”  I was.  While lying on the examination table.  I pretend I am lifting weights.  And also I do leg lifts.  It’s kind of fun
  • I know.  The fact that I am saying that exercising is fun has not escaped me here
  • I lost 11 pounds
  • Wait.  I don’t know if I said that loud enough.  I LOST 11 POUNDS!!!!!

Eleven freakin’ pounds.  And that was wearing my shoes.  So, as Deb told me this morning, it may actually be closer to 13 pounds.  Not that I’m going to quibble.  I’m fine with just saying 11.

Other than that, I have bronchitis.  Which is not so much fun but it could be worse.  It could be pneumonia and I could be writing this in a hospital bed, begging someone to get me access to the internet before I hurt them.

Hope you are all doing well!