So that means it’s Bullet Point Monday!  Woo-hoo!

  • Went to Fogo de Chao yesterday with Keem, Beth, Beth’s mom Laurie and Laurie’s boyfriend, Scott
  • It was fantastic.  Hot Brazilian men carrying gigantic slabs of meat around with them.
  • Not knowing the names of the Hot Brazilian men, we started referring to them as “Beef Ribs guy” and “Sausage Guy.” 
  • The whole premise of this restaurant is you have this little circle in front of you that you can either flip over to green (which means go) or red (which means stop) to control the amount of meat brought to you.  Keem had flipped it over and was watching avidly who came over to serve us.
  • Laurie mentioned that Keem could tell them no and Keem replied “I know.  But I feel bad for the Sausage Guy.”
  • This made us all laugh and I found it so funny that I started snorting.  Laurie said “It’s okay.  Tomorrow he gets to be the Sirloin Guy.”
  • For dessert I had Creme Brule.  This is the most perfect dessert ever.  I would eat it every day if I could.  Yum.
  • After dinner, it was off to Beth’s house to hang out in her backyard and play Sheepshead.  We also brought her laptop outside and watched Mamma Mia.
  • I love this movie.  It’s so funny and cute and who doesn’t love Abba?
  • Every movie I see Meryl Streep in, she just impresses me more and more.  She’s always a different person – you don’t look at her and say “Oh, that’s Meryl Streep pretending to be so and so.”  No, she is that person.  Plus, she can really sing!
  • Pierce Brosnan is very cute but he can not sing.  He sounds like a somewhat sick frog.
  • My favorite number is Christine Baranski singing “Does Your Mother Know?”  I love that song.
  • I have been begging Keem to take me to the library for about a year (possibly longer) and she has resisted my pleas.  You can imagine how excited I was when my doctor told me we should check out a book about diabetes management from the library.  When I told her to emphasis library for Keem’s sake, she said “Heck, I’ll give you a prescription.”
  • I was telling Beth about this yesterday and her response was “Yeah but when you go to the pharmacy with a prescription, they only let you get the one item.  So Keem doesn’t need to let you take out more than one book.  If only there was an over the counter library.”
  • Sigh.  Beth is conspiring with Keem on thwarting me.  It’s very sad.
  • Stupid bronchitis has not gone away completely.  That is irritating.

Nothing else is really going on.  How are all of you?