The Plague Continues – just in a new form

I have an ear infection.  It’s so ridiculous.  I’m 42 years old and this is my first ever ear infection.  I don’t like it.  Plus, it just seems so ludicrous.  It’s like wearing bifocals and having a huge acne breakout.

Granted, the horrible, gut-wrenching, “May I please jab a needle in my ear” pain is pretty much gone.  What’s driving me crazy right now is the feeling of liquid sloshing around in there and the fact that I can’t hear very well out of my left ear.  Hey, let’s think.  What do I do for a living again?  I listen to calls.  That’s awesome!

I’m squirting antibiotic drops in my ears four times a day (which might account for the liquid feeling).  It’s very exciting.  I would not wish this on my worst enemy.  Oh, wait.  Yes, I would.  Exactly how do you give someone an ear infection so I can work on inflicting a former friend of mine.

The bronchitis has pretty much cleared up.  That’s good.

The Further Adventures of Kalli, aka Demon Spawn

The other day, we ordered chicken wings from Pizza Hut (Mmm.  Garlic Parmesan.  Yummy).  I went to the door to pay.  Kalli takes this time to run out into the hallway.  The pizza delivery woman tries to stop her and I let her know this is something Kalli does every chance she gets.

Then I watch as Kalli runs up and down a 3 foot space, head held high, tail waving in the wind (okay, there’s not much wind in the apartment hallway but you know what I mean).  Is she trying to be a show kitten or something?  I can just see what is going through that teeny-tiny brain.  “Look at me!  Look at me!  Look!  Look!  Reward me with a treat of some sort because I am just so cute!  Loooooooooook!”

The next day, we decided to order pizza from Domino’s (yes, yes, I know.  Not the best choices but it was Tuesday and you buy one, get one free.  Cold pizza makes an excellent breakfast).  I go to the door to pay.  The pizza delivery man looks at Kalli.

PDM:  You.  I remember you.

The tone in his voice is as though Kalli is his mortal enemy.  My cat is someone’s nemesis.  This is so awesome and weird at the same time.

I think that’s pretty much it.  My life is not the most exciting lately.  Sorry.