In case you are wondering, yes, I do know how to spell highlights.  I bought a rub on scrapbooking border kit once and was excited about adding a new border that said “Trip highlights.”  Until, after I had already added said border, I realized it was actually hightlights.  Fortunately my scrapbooking style is a cross between vintage, modern and “really, really bizarre”* and I was able to work with it.


*Especially when I am on cold medicine.  I am also susceptible to Beth’s suggestions which will lead to a lot of conversations like this:


DM:  What should I journal?

Beth:  Chicken!

DM:  I am not writing about chicken again.


Yes, I have journaled about chicken.  Crazy, isn’t it?  At least it is always fun.  And yes, I did just make a verb out of journal. 


Anyway, Keem and I went to Wisconsin Dells with my mother, sister and nephew last week.  It was fun and then it was not fun.  I’m limited in time so I’ll post some of the fun stuff for now.


Fun stuff


The Cave of the Mounds

  • Nice tour, except for the part aptly called “The Narrows” which led to the tour guide saying (after I nearly hyperventilated) “Typically people that are claustrophobic don’t go into caves.”  It’s not really the cave that I have a problem with, it was the near panic attack where I thought “Oh my God, I will never fit through this tiny little passageway and I will get stuck and they won’t be able to rescue me because this is a protected landmark and they’ll leave me here to die.”  None of which happened, of course, and I did get through fine.  It was a rough 30 seconds
  • Oh and also, the annoying children that kept saying “I have a question” and then they would tell the tour guide about their dog.  That’s not a question!
  • And their father who, very loudly, I might add, kept making comments about how this isn’t the best cave he’s ever been in and blah, blah, blah.  You know what?  I’ve never been in this cave and I’m enjoying it.  And yes, I’ve seen more exciting caves but shut up and let me have a good time?
  • They also have a place where you can “mine” for treasures.  You buy a bag of sand stuffed with rocks and minerals.  It’s very fun and much cheaper than the Dell’s Mining Company where Keem and I have managed to send $500 plus two years in a row
  • There was a beautiful butterfly garden and a cat that came out to visit us for awhile.  Very friendly and sweet and I wanted to take him home.  He wandered off towards the barn so we think he’s a farm cat

The Pea Buddies

  • Near Wisconsin Dells is the Ho-Chunk casino.  We’ve been there many times and it is an integral part of our vacation.  If you’re ever in the area and are looking for a nice hotel to stay at, I would recommend it.  It’s not cheap but the rooms are huge, the beds are soft and the decorations do not make you want to shoot yourself (The Ramada is also very nice)
  • Mom, Keem and I went to play while Josh and Kari went off to the Paint It place where they collaborated on a Fighter Jet statue.  Kari and Josh then met us for dinner at the buffet.  It’s a very nice buffet and they have excellent fried chicken which is one of my main requirements.  I love chicken, especially either fried or from a rotisserie oven
  • Josh kept following Keem around because she is his girlfriend and he adores her.  I was also followed but rejected in favor of Keem (This kid is the most diplomatic child ever.  I asked him once who was prettier, Keem or I and his response was “You’re both beautiful.”  He’s 5.  Can you imagine when he’s older?  Should be interesting)
  • Josh loves salad and especially loves peas (so do I).  He had a plate full of peas and he was squishing them, taking the pea skin off (I don’t know what else you would call it) and leaving the remaining pea parts on his plate.  He referred to them as his pea buddies
  • Mom asked him what he was going to do with the pea buddies, would he plant them?  Josh responded with “NO!  They’re dead.”  The “Duh Grandma” tone was prevalent in his voice
  • He had gone off to get dessert and the waitress cleared our plates.  Josh came back and asked “Where are my pea buddies?”  Kari explained. Josh said “I’m outta here” and went off to another booth to sulk (He may be the sweetest, most wonderful child in the universe but he is not perfect.  His parents are two of the most stubborn people ever and he inherited that trait)
  • Kari said, and I quote, “Josh, can you come over here so we can talk about your feelings?”  Over pea buddies.  I am beginning to see where the diplomacy comes from
  • The waitress was concerned and we told her what the problem was.  The expression on her face was classic, a combination of “WTF?” and “Oh, that’s so cute.”  We were laughing (but silently so he couldn’t see us)
  • There are pictures of the pea buddies and they have been saved, Kari is going to let them dry so she can scrapbook them (or buy some split pea soup mix and use those)
  • There is no doubt in my mind that this kid is related to me.  After all, on camping trips I used to pretend the coals in the fire place were villages that refused to worship me and I would destroy them.  I also did this when waiting for ice to thaw once.  Beth thinks I’m a little weird

The Cheese Factory

  • There is this gorgeous, gorgeous restaurant that Keem and I have passed each time we’ve been in the Dells.  We’ve never been and decided we would all go there for lunch.  We were especially excited because they had a Soda Fountain
  • We get there, we are seated, and the restaurant is cute and quaint and adorable.  The hostess brings us menus.  Before we arrived, Keem had mentioned she was in the mood for a burger.  So was I.  Unfortunately, there were no burgers.  Okay, not a problem, right?  Let’s take a look at sandwiches
  • I think it was the BLT with the word bacon in quotation marks that made us realize just maybe we wouldn’t be getting any meat.  They had “bacon”, “chicken” and some other faux-meats.  Huh.  I am beginning to suspect this just might be a vegetarian restaurant
  • While there were a few dishes that appealed, they were also very expensive.  It was decided that we would all get dessert instead.  Josh got a fun cupcake, Kim got the Cloud 9 dessert (chocolate cake surrounded by white chocolate mousse served on raspberry puree), Kari got the Princess cake (white cake with layers of lemon and raspberry), I ordered the Hazelnut torte (chocolate cake with hazelnut layers) and Mom got a chocolate milkshake.  I am here to tell you that these were some of the best desserts I’ve ever had in my life.  We each sampled all of the desserts and I loved them, even the ones with raspberries.  I hate raspberries and yet I would have gladly have sat down with an entire Princess cake and devoured it.  So, if you are in the Dells and happen to be a vegetarian (or they have a vegan menu), this is the restaurant for you.  If you’re in the Dells and happen to really, really love dessert, this is also the restaurant for you.  I still want to try the goat cheese crepes but maybe next year

Still to come – the fishing trip and how I traumatized my nephew, how my mom tried to drive me insane, the trip to the Mustard Museum (oh, how I love thee, Mustard Museum) and how I made my sister cry.  Stay tuned!  Maybe I’ll even post pictures!

Tomorrow Beth and I am off to South Dakota with her mother.  I am so very excited about this!  We will be stopping at Wall Drug so we can take them for $2 worth of creamer!