Yes, I am alive.  I just got back from an excellent vacation in South Dakota with Beth and her mom.  I will be posting pictures soon and an actual post but here is something to tide over those of you who need your Dana fix (Sheryl, I adore you, btw!):

Random Dana things:

  • If you decide to stay until 1:30 for no reason whatsoever (okay, there was a reason, I was trying to figure out what the heck Kanye West did to Taylor Swift and if I cared or not.  Turns out, Kanye West is kind of a jerk but Taylor Swift’s hair still makes me crazy so no, I don’t really care), you will be tired the next day
  • When you are tired, you tend to think/write/say weird things
  • Such as, when you’re monitoring one of the reps and are trying to tell them what a great job they did on their call, you will write “When doing a transfer, it is important to keep the werewolves separated.”
  • Uh, what?  This is quite possibly the weirdest thing I have ever thought/written/said during a “Dana is extremely tired” phase.  I think this tops telling the stock owner he could sell his shares over the phone, in writing or placing them in the overhead compartment (jet lag.  I meant online) or telling another stock owner she could sell her shares by bringing them to the invisible fence (the thing that still gets me about this is that she never questioned that.  There may be a woman wandering around trying to find an invisible fence!  This was also jet lag)
  • When I told my co-workers Beau and Rykken about this, there was that pause.  The pause that usually comes before them realizing that I am, quite possibly, insane.  Although they may already know that
  • I did, of course, change the sentence to read something normal but told the rep because I thought she would appreciate it (she did)
  • In case you are wondering, the separation of the werewolves is because I just finished three books by Marlene Perez (The Dead Is series) and recommend them to anyone that likes a good Young Adult book and is fond of vampires, werewolves and the occasional banshee but also appreciates good writing
  • The books have been described as Veronica Mars meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Can you say awesome?  I knew you could!
  • Okay, my roommate is yelling at me, apparently I should be taking a shower.  More later, my lovelies!