I haven’t been posting much (or commenting either) because there’s this whole rule about using company property to blog, use Facebook, etc. Technically this has been in effect for a really long time but I may have possibly ignored it. I’m not saying. Anyway, Coffee Drinking Woman figured that you could post via email which is the one thing I miss about BlogSpot. Imagine my joy!!!

This is my test email. I guess we’ll see if it works if you all learn about my shame.

So Beth and I listen to one Celine Dion song. Only one. It is one that we mock mercilessly because apparently the Diva makes these grandiose arm gestures and motions when she is singing it (I’ve never seen the video). It, like most of her other songs, is incredibly dramatic and over the top. Whenever this song comes on, Beth and I start making up our own hand and arm gestures, motioning to our (invisible) love to not leave us. The first time I saw Beth do this, I thought she was insane but I soon learned how much fun this is. You get to lip sync as well. It makes us laugh and laughing is always a good thing, right?

Yeah. Sometimes. Not when you’re sitting at your desk, minding your own business and turn around to see your co-worker standing there, mouth wide open. Because you just happened to be listening to music and, since your arms and back are a little stiff, decided to lift some weights to see if you could loosen up. And then Ms. Dion chooses that time to play so you’re waving your arms around, motioning to the above mentioned (invisible) lover to not leave you. There may have been jazz hands involved. I’m not saying. Christy, however, probably will be. She has decided this might be her Facebook status. Sigh.

In other news, I have joined a girl group and we’ll be performing in West Saint Paul in October. Yes, really. Well, sort of. Every year my company does a big drive for a large charity organization and this year one of the departments decided to host a karaoke “contest.” I was informed by my boss’s boss (Sue) that I would be participating (she actually asked me if I wanted to join her and a co-worker (Nicole) and I said “Hell to the YES! Perform in public and in front of my peers? Of course (I may be paraphrasing there)!” Sue had gone shopping at a costume shop and picked up flapper headbands, beads and boas. I decided I needed to get my hair cut.

louise brooks

Meet Louise Brooks, the silent movie star that made the bob so famous and was the primary person that showed up in Google Images for “flapper hair style.” I brought her picture into Fantastic Sam’s and now have her hair (except not that dark) and her eyebrows. Now I just need some dark red lipstick and black eyeliner and I am ready to go.

Co-Worker Christy: Dana, you don’t wear makeup.
DM: I will for this. I am that dedicated to my music.

I have not bought a flapper dress, mainly because to get one that would fit me, it would cost over $100. I am not that dedicated to my music. But I am looking forward to this. The specific charity we are donating to is www.freeartsminnesota.com: a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing the healing power of artistic expression into the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk children and their families. That is pretty cool if you ask me.