Today I logged into my computer and got an error message. Something about my something being out of date and I need to something. I ignored it and continued to set up my computer for the day. Then I tried to get into email. Uh-oh. Something is wrong. I can’t open up the mailbox for the Electronic Resource Library. This is not good. I need to access this. It’s very important.

Panic ensues. For the few minutes it takes me to decide I’ll work on monitoring instead. Except I can’t work on monitoring. I have a system. ER-Library in the morning, monitoring in the afternoon. I have to follow the system. I need to be able to access my email. WHY IS THIS NOT WORKING?

After many curse words later, I find Jaime and ask him to fix my stupid computer (his words, not mine. He saved a post-it note of mine that I left for him about a year ago that says "Jaime. My stupid computer is being stupid." It makes him laugh).

I point out the many things that are aggravating me. "Look. I can’t click here. And I have to choose send/receive email in order to receive any email. This is very irritating."

Jamie: Dana. You’re offline.

DM: Yeah but that’s because of the something error message. Right?
Jamie: Let me see.

He takes my mouse away from me (ARGH! Not my mouse!) and closes Outlook. He then opens it again and changes my status to Online (or connected, technically). Emails pop in, I am able to get into the ER-Library inbox. Life is good.

Except that I am incredibly embarrassed and irritated. He walks away (quietly chuckling to himself) as I am muttering "Stupid technology and its stupid rules."

Someday I’m going to be rich and will have a tech staff that will deal with all my problems with "You’re right, oh great and wondrous one. That is a very difficult problem. Why don’t you sit here and read a book and we’ll take of it for you?" And they will serve me Coke Zero. And there will be no laughing at me! Well, at least where I can hear them. Unless, of course, it is good blog fodder.

This is almost as bad as the time I told my boss my monitor wasn’t working and he came over and hit the on button. Almost.