Last night, Beth and I went up to karaoke to see Bryan. As we were standing outside, hanging with Annie and Bryan while they had a cigarette (okay, yes, I had one too), I mentioned a problem in my home.

DM: I need to find a eating disorder support group for cats.
Beth: Eddy being bulimic again?

Eddy goes through these stages where he throws up everything he eats. It’s really kind of gross.

DM: Yes. And Kalli’s eating everything in sight.
Bryan: I thought you said you needed to find a support group for people who are eating cats.

He pretends he’s someone who is eating cats who finds himself at a support group for people trying to solve their cats eating disorder.

Bryan: Oh, sorry, I think I’m in the wrong group.

So very wrong but yet, so very funny.

Anyway, the point to this is that a couple of weeks ago, our friend Annette stayed over at the apartment to watch the cats because Keem and I were out of town. Annette took some random pictures of the cats (she loves to kitt-sit, as she calls it).

I thought this one particularly caught the essence of Kalli and her desire to devour everything she can get her little mouth on. Especially if it belongs to Eddy.

kalli swoops in on eddys food

Compare this to the picture at the top of my blog. That sweet little gray, white and tan ball of fur has turned into a monster. A huge monster that has more than doubled in size. Do they make treadmills that are cat sized?