Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books?  Where you could, well, choose your adventure by making choices and flipping to the next page in the book?  And how your character always seemed to die horribly?  At least mine did.  NancyPearlWannabe decided it would be cool to do this on the Internet and the Blogventure was born.

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Hi, you’ve arrived here from Gabriel’s blog!  Let the scariness commence!

“Look, Ryan,” Kate said, backing away from the boy.  “You seem nice and all but really, I’m not in the mood to be tasted.”  Kate stretched out her hand to Julie. “C’mon, we’re out of here.  And, Ryan, if you’re smart, you’ll come with us too.”

Ryan looked terrified at the thought.  “Leave?  I can’t leave.  It’s safer here.  Really, it is.  A few bites is nothing compared to what is waiting for you outside.”

“Bites?  No way!  Dude, we are so gone.”  Kate grabbed Julie’s hand and they ran back down the hallway.

Ryan cried out after them “No!  You can’t go back that way!  It’s not safe!”  Kate ignored him.  Whatever was supposedly outside had to be safer than whatever was biting Ryan.  Plus, he was kind of creepy with how he knew their names and said he was called “The Doll” or “The Eye.”

After running for about five minutes, Julie stopped and gasped for breath.  “Where’s the door?”

“What do you mean?” Kate asked.  “It’s right there!”  She stopped and stared in disbelief.  The door was gone.  The hallway stretched out before them.  “Oh, what the heck is going on here?”

“Maybe we should go back,” Julie said.

“No!  I am not going to get bit by some creature!  We need to find our way out of here!”  Kate stared between two columns on her right.  Had she seen a flicker of something?  Or was her mind playing tricks on her?  “Did you bring a flashlight?  I think there’s something there.”

“Yeah, like my mom would let me out of the house without one.”  Julie dug in her bag and pulled out a small flashlight.  She focused the beam on where Kate was pointing.  The light fell on nothing but marble at first but then it danced to a pair of shoes.

Julie slowly raised the small light and focused on the face of the owner of the shoes.  “Hi.  My friend and I are lost.  Can you help us get out of here?” She walked towards the figure waiting between the columns.

Kate stared at her friend, terrified.  How could Julie trust this person?  Weren’t the pale white face, bright red lips and piercing blue eyes enough to warn her?  Didn’t she realize what he was?

“Julie, no!  Don’t go near him!”  Kate reached out to pull her friend away but it was too late.  Julie was smiling up at the man, not recognizing the face of pure evil when she saw it.  As Kate watched in horror, one meaty hand extended from the man’s side.  He clasped Julie’s hand in his own.

Kate heard a giggle behind her.  She whirled around and saw more hideous apparitions standing behind her.  They were streaming out from between the Doric columns.  There were hundreds of them!  How on earth did they fit into the hallway?

Ryan came dancing down the hallway, a miniature top hat now on his head.  A spotlight followed him as he walked up to a microphone.  “Come one!  Come all!  It’s the great Halloween Extravaganza Circus!  Send in the clowns!”

The clowns kept walking towards Kate.  Red noses and brightly painted faces leered at her.  There was no longer any sign of Julie.  All Kate could see were the clowns.  The horrible, evil, frightening clowns!  Kate started screaming as loudly as she could but no one could hear her.  Except for the clowns.  A rainbow of colors kept coming at her.  One of the clowns bumped into her and Kate fell backwards onto the floor.  Big floppy shoes slapped the ground in front of her.  Kate knew she would soon be trampled to death.  She squeezed her eyes shut.

“Mom!  Hey, mom!”  Kate felt someone shaking her and opened her eyes.


“You were screaming,” her ten year old son said, laughing down at her.  “Was it the clown dream again?”

“God!  Yes, Ryan, it was horrible!   They were everywhere.  You woke me up just before they trampled me.”  Kate sat up and stared at her son accusingly.  “You were the ring master!”

“Cool.  Did I have a top hat?”  Ryan shook his head. “No, don’t tell me.  You’ll just freak out again.” He slipped off the bed and headed out of Kate’s bedroom.  “Oh.  Who is Julie?”

“What?”  Kate stared after her son. “Where’d you hear that name?”

“You were screaming it.  Who is she?”

Kate answered slowly “She was my best friend when I was younger.  I haven’t seen her in years.”  Her eyes dropped to her hand.  She was clutching a key.  The key from her dream.

Later, after Ryan and his father had gone out to get donuts, Kate slipped into the basement.  In the far corner, hidden from view, was a trunk.  A big, black trunk, big enough to hide a person in.  Kate opened the trunk using the iron key.  There, still dressed in her costume from years before, was the mummified body of Kate’s best friend.  The one that had disappeared “mysteriously” years ago and never been seen again.

“You shouldn’t have made me go to the circus, bitch.  You knew how I feel about clowns.  I told you I would get you for that!”

Slamming the trunk lid down made Kate feel a little bit better.  As she walked up the stairs, she worried about Ryan hearing her cry out Julie’s name.

“Oh, it’s not that big of a deal,” she whispered to herself.  “If you need to, you can always buy another trunk.”