Keem and I are at McDonald’s this morning, getting breakfast. She decides to contribute a dollar to the Ronald McDonald house and receives a small slip of paper thanking her for her donation.

DM: You can hang this up at your cubicle so every one can see how wonderful you are.
Keem: Uh, no. You can hang it up at yours if you want.
DM: No, that’s not going to happen. It has clowns on it.


DM: Although Ronald McDonald has been around for years and he doesn’t really scare me.
Keem: There is that.
DM: I’ve never heard of him going insane and killing anyone.

So the question I put before you, my friends, is Ronald McDonald the only decent clown out there or does he have a really good PR department?

Welcome to my world. This is what I think of at 6:45 in the morning. It’s a little frightening.

No, Joe, I have not watched the movie yet.* Beth and I have talked about doing a double feature so I can confront my fears. The other movie would be The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Tomatoes are, in case you were not aware of it, evil. Yeah. I admit to having some strange phobias. Heights, elevators, spiral staircases, vampires lurking in the freezer, clowns and tomatoes. Although the tomato thing is more about how I hate eating them, not that I think they’re going to jump out and eat me.

*To those of you not in the loop, Joe sent me a "present", a DVD of Killer Klowns From Outer Space. I have not yet watched this because, hello, I’m afraid of clowns! I blame Stephen King.