One of the best inventions in the world is called It allows me to read blogs I love without all that clicking to see if the person actually updated recently (because, if case you didn’t know, clicking at work is bad and ends up with people being cranky at me because I apparently visited over 400 different urls in a week and they don’t pay me for that (not that this has happened in a long time)) and then I can find other fun stuff and it gives me something to do because heaven forefend that I actually comment on a website at work (I may have issues over this). Anyway, this also allows me to bring you two of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time.

Apparently there is a movie called Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus. And wait, that’s not the best part. No, it stars Lorenzo Lamas (who I always mix up with Harry Hamlin for some reason) and Deborah “I used to be fun and go by Debbie” Gibson. I was reading the “review” of this today and all of a sudden Keem is asking “What’s that noise?” And it was me, laughing so hard that all you could hear was this wheezing noise. Anyway, I suddenly have a huge desire to see this movie just so I can laugh hysterically and possibly have an asthma attack. There is dialogue that can only have been written by people on some form of crack, not the liquid one from Quizno’s (Quizno’s has the best Caesar dressing in the world and we call it liquid crack. Because we’re dorks).

No one should ever say I won’t share. Please, check this review out yourself.

Also, Dooce and her daughter made cookies this weekend. And that made me giggle as well because there were words like coriander and meth labs used almost in the same sentance. And I also understand not being able to cook and wondering why there are these stupid rules that you’d like to skip and then you end up with frosting soup (true story. One I may share someday).

Here’s the link to the cookie catastrophe!

Go. Read. Laugh. Repeat. I promise to actually talk about stuff that happened in my life one of these days.