Semi-excuses for my absence

So I am still a little sick but not horrible. My poor neglected blog, I miss you so. I hate not being able to post at work. Once I get home, I’m so worn out and obsessively play stupid Facebook games (not bad enough that I appeared on a Dr. Phil special about Farmville addiction, mind you) but I have been known to yell "Give me more energy, you stupid game" at Treasure Madness. Also, I found this awesome $20 computer role playing game called Legend: Hand of God which is basically about going and kicking the various buttocks of bad guys. So I’m kind of obsessed with that and played until 12:30 last night.

Scrapbooking-a-thon weekend

I took last week off. The plan was, Co-Worker Rykken would drive me home and Beth would pick me up at about 6 PM since she had Friday and Saturday off of work. That would give us four glorious scrapbooking days. It was an awesome plan. However, as plans sometimes go, it went awry, starting on the drive home in Rykken’s car – about halfway to my place:

DM: Babble, babble, babble, I will tell you random stories about everything because all I seem to do when you give me a ride home is babble. Or climb on my soap box about various things. Babble, babble, babble.
Rykken: Stoically listens to me and makes the occasional dry, witty comment. Because he is awesome.
DM: Crap! Rykken! I left my purse at work!

I have never ever once left my purse at work. I even take my purse with me on fire and tornado drills. But today, of course, I forget it.

Rykken: I suppose your car keys are in there.
DM: Yes.

Rykken makes a left turn to head back to work.

DM: You hate me, don’t you.
Rykken: Yes. I really disliked having to make that turn.

See what I mean? Totally dry and witty sense of humor. He cracks me up constantly.

He drives me back to work and lets me use his cell phone so I can call Beth.

B: Hello.
DM: Hi! Guess what? I forgot my purse at work and have to go back for it. You might want to wait about ten minutes before leaving.
B: Um, I’m already in your parking ramp. I wasn’t sure what traffic would be like (keep in mind that she’s supposed to pick me up at 6 and it is 5:15). I guess I left a little too early.
DM: Oh no!
B: Tell Rykken he is awesome for taking care of my friend.
DM: Rykken. You are awesome.

I later berate him for telling me he’s not going to watch the Super Bowl.

DM: What? This is just wrong. How am I going to know about all the new commercials if you don’t watch the Super Bowl?
Rykken: You’ll watch them yourself for the next six months?

He is very logical. It’s quite aggravating. Beth, however, thought this was pretty funny.

I get back to work, run upstairs, feed the starving kitties, pack (because why would I do that the night before?), decide not to bring my green bag and run downstairs. Later that evening, as I am preparing for my scrapbooking weekend, I realize I have forgotten my pictures. I have about three page layouts and that’s it. Do you have any idea how hard it is to scrapbook if you don’t have pictures? While it can be done, you end up creating page layouts that you look at later and think "What the hell was I thinking?"

Beth holds up her cell phone.

B: Do you want to call Rykken and ask if he’ll come to get you and bring you back to your place? We could see just how nice of a guy he really is.

We laugh.

B: That is not an option. When you tell him about this, make sure he knows that I was joking.

We are driving along to Cub because we need something and a few ashes fly back at me. I think nothing of them. Later, at Cub, I start rubbing my sternum and say "Hmm, this hurts for some reason. I wonder why. I can’t wait to change into my pajamas."

Wearing your pajamas is one of the best parts about scrapbooking weekends! We get back to Beth’s house and I go to change. I come out later and say "Hey, remember how I said this hurt? Yeah, apparently I set myself on fire again."

Somehow I had a burn in between my girls. I have no idea how this happened. I have no holes in my clothes at all. It looked like a 2nd degree burn (although it did heal nicely and is gone). This is twice in two months that I have set myself on fire! Did I suddenly forget how to smoke? Yes, yes, I know I should quit.

Beth drives me back home later that evening so I can find my pictures. Remember the green bag I decided not to bring? They were in there. Of course.

We scrapbook. On Saturday, James comes over to meet Kurka and we’re going to go to lunch. I realize I have forgotten my gloves and head back to the guest room to find them. Huh. Somehow I managed to lock myself out of the guest room. There’s no key to the guest room. James finds my adventurous weekend quite hilarious and laughs hysterically, when he is not being attacked by Kurka. Kurka is a very friendly dog and loves to meet new people. James walked in, sat down on the floor and Kurka flung himself at him. It was so cute. Kurka was even licking James’ hair and James said it was fine. It was seriously cute.

We get back to Beth’s, she manages to jimmy open the lock with a scrapbooking tool (paper piercer) and that’s when I realize "Huh. I lost my gloves." Brilliant. I have no idea where they ended up. It is at this point that I think "I’m a little afraid to walk outside of the house now. Someone might drop a house on me."

The rest of the weekend is fairly uneventful but very much fun. I got a lot of pages done and may actually finish Portugal this year, 5 years after the first trip. I’m not a very quick scrapbooker but I have fun so that’s all that counts.

Beth rented Zombieland because she wanted me to see it. That is now my 3rd favorite movie of 2009. Star Trek, of course, was number 1, followed by Inglorious Basterds. I laughed so hard while watching it. If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend it. It was hilarious and even though it was a bit gory (Hello, zombies!), that didn’t bother me. I don’t typically like zombie movies but this one was pretty awesome.

Well, there’s more stuff but this went a bit longer than I thought it would so maybe I’ll follow up in a day or so. Keep cool, my peeps!