New Year’s Resolution (yes, again)

I resolve to NEVER EVER work on my birthday again. Ever. My birthday sucked. It’s extremely busy around here because of stupid Tax Season and there was a very large merger between Gigantic Company and Not as Gigantic Company (but still pretty big) and I received approximately 60 questions about this in two weeks. 10 just on my birthday. Then Kari, Eric and Josh took me out for dinner to this place that gives you a free steak for your birthday. Except that they cancelled that promotion. Awesome. I still ordered a steak and a baked potato. Baked potato was cold. Steak was ordered to be medium and was rare. Blech.

The next day, I worked until noon and Beth came to get me with Kurka. So the horrors of the week pretty much dissolved once that adorable puppy started giving me kisses.

Beth and I spent the weekend scrapbooking. Sort of. I completed one page. We listened to Stephen King audio books. Beth worked on making embellishments for scrapbook pages and I took IKEA frames and made them pretty by covering them in stamps. I should have taken pictures of them.

Friday we went and got Chinese food (remember this, it’s important for later). Saturday we met James at Moe’s and discussed Lost. Sunday we went to TGI Friday’s with her Dad and her Grandmother (it was her Grandmother’s birthday). It was a lot of fun! I was able to completely relax and forget about work.

I came home Sunday night and my hands started itching in the parking lot. Not sure why, just really, really itchy. I wanted to tear the skin off which is never a good sign. Monday morning I woke up and my hands were swollen. Huh. What caused that? No clue. Now what am I allergic to? Probably work.

Turns out that, if I drink a lot of pop over the weekend, hardly any water and eat Chinese food, my body reacts in a fun new way. And by fun new way, I mean, WTF, body, seriously, do you have to do this to me every year? Since I turned 40, things just went downhill. I think my warranty may have expired.

The Cleaning Fairy

When I came home Monday, I noticed that the huge pile of boxes Keem and I kept behind the couch are gone. The floor has been vacuumed. Huh. What happened? Apparently my sister got bored and decided to clean. Kim has a tight look on her face and I am convinced she’s mad at me. She tells me nothing’s wrong and to go put my stuff away. I went to my bedroom, walked in the door and almost had a heart attack. Kari must have been extremely bored because my room is beautiful and clean and my bed is even made. Scary! But in a good way.

I hope you all had a good weekend!