Once again, another tax season has passed. I am still alive but reeling from the horrors.*

*No, Joe, I do not have your cost basis. Even if we could calculate cost basis, I would be prevented from talking to you about your accounts because we are friends.

Brief breakdown – If it’s really busy (over 30 calls holding in queue), a “code red” is called. This loosely translates to “All hell has broken loose!” It means that there’s so many calls holding that we’re supposed to drop everything and log into the phones to take regular calls. Only problem is, of course, that we don’t have time because we have a time crunch for everything. So that adds to the stress.

I could go on and on about the craziness. But I’m going to concentrate on the fact that tax season’s over. And I did survive. However, I am going to seethe internally because I made a really dumb mistake on my W-4 and changed my elections to 2. Big mistake. Huge. I underpaid taxes. This is not good. So I owe the IRS some money. I’m not going to provide the amount but it makes me cry a little inside.

Then, to top things off and to explain why I am neglecting both your blogs, my blog and Facebook (my poor crops are probably rotted away on Farmville. It’s so very sad (okay, I admit it, I have an addictive personality and I love to play games. But I am not addicted enough to them that I will a) pay someone to tend to my farm/café/”family” (I have actually heard of accounts where people have done this. I will never be one of those people, hopefully!) and b) to get a car that has the license plate “FRMVLLE” (yes, that is a real picture. Scary, huh?) is the fact that my computer managed to contract a lovely form of malware called “Security Tool” which pretends to be an actual piece of software that is warning you about viruses and worms and spyware (oh my!). Long story short (too late), if your sister tells you to install Norton on your computer, you should do it.

I have a friend looking into it right now. Hopefully he’ll be able to fix it. I’m getting kind of cranky not being able to get my internet fix.

On the other hand, Kim and I joined a gym. Kari convinced us to tour Gold’s Gym with her and that led to us signing up. I’m really glad we did this because, let’s face it, I really need to do something. My blood sugar is really high and I’m not going to lose any weight by just plopping into my chair when I get home. We have a small work out area where I live but the machines are old and not in the best of condition. We joined on Saturday, went and worked out on Sunday and then went to a water aerobics class last night. So far so good, I’m definitely enjoying it but I am so very sore. Apparently my thighs actually have muscles in them. And they hate me. The water aerobics class was so much fun until I got the shin splits at the very end. That was not so enjoyable.

We have a 12 month contract but, if we go 12 times a month, my insurance company will reimburse me $20 each month. So my membership fee, after reimbursement, would be $15 a month. It’s worth it. The best thing about this is that my shoulder, which has caused me serious pain for months (years?) is feeling less tense and I am even a tinier bit energetic. I’ve tried diets and that hasn’t worked. I am hoping that exercise will lead to being able to eat healthier and get my diabetes under control. Wish me luck.

I hope you’re all well. I promise I’ll come around when I get my computer back.