I have no idea when the chicken conspiracy started but I’m sure I could figure out if I checked my archives. The main thing is that, once upon a time, Beth discovered that pointing out chickens and chicken related things to me is funny. And, after much resistance on my part, I discovered that yes, it is funny. Unlike Laffy Taffy jokes which are just wrong and stupid.

The chicken conspiracy is responsible for my having a stuffed chicken named Mr. Calitri and for there actually being a picture of me wearing a chicken hat (not that I can actually find said pictures right now since my Flickr pro account expired).

Today, my boss asked me to call a florist and order flowers for one of my co-workers who is recovering from some sort of surgery that involved the gall bladder or a kidney stone or something like that (I don’t pay attention to these things, people. All I know is that since she’s been gone, there have been no random 7 layer bars appearances and that makes me sad).

I Googled local florists and found one that meant my qualifications (1. Local. 2. Didn’t make me sit on hold for 15 minutes before they even bothered to talk to me. 3. Willing to have the driver come pick up the card we had all signed for her before bringing it to co-worker’s house). While I was looking, I came across the best get well bouquet EVER!

Wait. That’s not it. Let’s try again. But damn, that’s cute!

It’s Dr. Chicken! I love it!

However, none of my co-workers approved and we (they) chose Bright and Sunny instead.

I guess it’s cute if you like bright and sunny flowers that look like they are smiling (and actually I do but still, Dr. Chicken is awesome!).