I am still working the same job and I love it.  I’ve always been a huge fan of customer service and being able to be a Quality Monitor is very important for me.

My roommate Keem is looking for a house and that’s fun!  I love living in the apartment but it would be nice if there was a house in our future.  One thing we know that we want is a nice yard so we can sit outside and enjoy the weather (which is shocking for me because I’m not much for the outdoors).  I want to take the kitties for walks or, at the very least, set up an screened area where they can go outside.  I think they’d enjoy it.

I am still incredibly single and I’m still okay with it.  Yes, someday I would like to be romantically involved with someone but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.  And that’s all right.

I go to the gym now and have a personal trainer.  I am convinced he’s trying to kill me but I find that, once I drag my ass to the gym, I actually enjoy working out.  Except for cardio.  I HATE CARDIO!  It is evil and wrong.  If God wanted me to bounce on an elliptical, he would have, well, he would have done something.  Brian, the PT, keeps threatening me with the stairmaster.  I’ve told him that will never happen but if he comes up with an escalatormaster, I’m all for it.

Beth and I are still besties and I just spent the weekend at her place.  Kim is still the best roommate ever.  Life is pretty dang good.

So what’s up with you?