I hate waiting.  I am not a big fan of it.

  1. I am waiting for Kari to call me so that we can make arrangements for her to pick me up.
  2. I am waiting to find out if everything is going to be okay.
Kim is on her way to the hospital right now.  She is having surgery this afternoon at 12:30 CST.  She will have a full hysterectomy.
Almost two months ago, Kim and Kari were working out with our personal trainer, Brian, when Kim’s lips turned blue.  Kari, being quite efficient at her part-time job of nagging, told Kim to go to the doctor since one of the signs of a heart attack is blue lips.  Kim, being stubborn as all get out, resisted this logical and sane advice until it happened a 2nd time.  Kim went to see the doctor:
  •  It wasn’t a heart attack.
  • Kim’s iron level was very low so our doctor put her on iron pills.
  • Two weeks later, there was almost no change in her iron level so there was the discussion about heavy periods, etc.
  • Kim has the same problem I did years ago so there was talk about her having an ablation like I did.
  • Kim went to see other doctors and also got to enjoy the probing (ultrasound).
  • She had a mass in her uterus.  Could be a fibroid but let’s do some tests to be sure.
Long story short (too late), the mass is cancer.  We don’t know what stage she is in but there is hope that it is early and stage 1.  We won’t know until after her hysterectomy.  I am a nervous wreck.  I am sure she will be fine, all signs point to that, but it’s Keem.  One of my best friends.
So any prayers or happy thoughts you could send her way would be greatly appreciated.  And now I have to go, Kari just called.  At least one part of my waiting is over.