Did you really think that pineapple jogging shoes was added to the 2016 GISHWHES list as a whim? No, the truth is that Miss Jean Louis was getting ready for the 2013 [redacted leafy green vegetable I love but am unable to mention] Gala and realized she needed a pedicure. Unfortunately, she was vacationing on a small tropical island and there wasn’t a nail salon in sight.

But this dilemma was no match for our plucky heroine. She remembered seeing a pineapple farm down the road and figured that, with her skills, she could once again repurpose a fruit to meet her needs. After all, pineapples have an enzyme called bromelain which is used as a meat tenderizer. Perfect for removing any calluses, especially when combined with the rough rind of the fruit. And, while she was at it, she could create herself a cape out of pina, a textile woven from the leaves.

Unfortunately, the farm was heavily guarded and Miss Jean Louis had to climb over a fence, losing her shoes in the process. When the guards mistook her for a giant pineapple mealybug, she knew she wouldn’t be able to outrun them barefoot. Breaking out her trusty machete, she was able to fashion a pair of shoes that were both pleasing to the eye and aided her escape.

So the pineapple jogging shoes item is her way of bringing fabulous feet to the rest of the world.