Unless you know me In Real Life, you will probably have no idea who I am talking about.  So here’s a list of the people I have a tendency to talk about:

WorkNABABNAis the fake name for the bank I work at.  I have no desire to get fired for the occasional post about work.  I met Keem, Beth and Jeff there.

  • Keem– Her real name is Kim but I call her Keem.  I once got the entire main phone center to start calling her Keem.  When we moved to the Stock Transfer Department, she somehow managed to quash that.  I still call her Keem and everyone knows who I mean but that’s about it.  She is my bestest friend ever and also my roommate.
  • Beth– My other bestest friend ever but not my roommate.


  • Kari – My sister (full).  I also have 4 half brothers and 3 half sisters.
    Eric – Kari’s husband.  My favorite brother-in-law (although he may be replaced as favorite brother-in-law if he keeps giving me crap).
    Josh – Kari and Eric’s son.  Also referred to as “The most amazing child ever”, “The Nephew” and “The Child.”
    Mom – My mother.  Shocking, huh?  Bet you never figured that out.

Surrogate Family

  • Laurie and Terry – Beth’s mom and dad.  Also mentioned occasionally is Scott, Laurie’s boyfriend.
    Kathy and Gary – Keem’s mom and dad.

The Pets

  • Eddy – Edmund Fitzgerald Orange.  He’s named after my favorite soap character (Edmund Gray on All My Children) and one of my favorite songs (The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald).  I have had him for approximately 17 years.  He loves Keem better than me though because he is a pain in the ass.
  • Kalli – Kalypso Jean Gray.  She’s named after a Greek demigoddess (I like Greek mytholgy) and Jean Gray (Phoenix from the X-Men).  She is also known as Kalli Monster, Kalli Keeten (which is sung along with “What’s the best Keeten, Keeten of the Sea.”), Calamity Jean and Tuckus Pain McGee.  We also call her Keeten or Kitten even though she’s almost 4 now.