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I participated in an International Secret Santa (or Santa Paws as we’ve been calling it since Stinkypaw hosted it).

I got the most adorable card from Stinkypaw today.  I don’t have a picture of it because I brought it to work so you’ll have to trust me that it’s very cute.

I came home to find my package from my Secret Sant Paws!  I know who it’s from but I can’t remember if we’re supposed to post who we think it yet.  I will be sending a coded message to the person though that says thanks!

Anyway, there was a note in there that says the following:

Fetish:  an object (as a small stone carving of an animal) believed to have magical power to protect or aid its owner.  (Note:   don’t really believe they have magical power – I just think they’re cool.)

I have made these little “fetishes” in different shapes for friends several times in the past, and I swear to you they always turned out really cool.  Clearly, though, “frog” is not in my repertoire, as this little guy is sort of an exercise in ridiculosity.  (It’s a word if I say it’s a word, right?)  Nonetheless, I am sending him along in hopes that you might enjoy his sheer absurdity.

The bracelet is handmade, as well…but clearly the rest of the little items are not hand- or homemade – I just thought you would enjoy something that actually worked out exactly as planned.  Hee.

Merry, merry Christmas!!

Anyway, here are some pictures!

I pulled the “fetish” out of the packet and started giggling right away.  I think he’s adorable and I would keep him at home except that Kalli and Eddy thought he was theirs and he wouldn’t have lasted much longer!  There’s also a frog bookmark (so cute and very handy since I am constantly leaving bookmarks in the books!).

There’s also frog paper clips!  And cute little cat paper clips!  And the card is also seriously cute (yes, there’s a theme here of cuteness)!

And a pink bracelet with frogs!!!!  CUTE!  CUTE!!!!  CUTE!!!!!!!!

As you can see, the bracelet goes lovely with my new hair cut and my outfit.

Except, of course, that I have my hand over my wrist.  Why do I pose like this?  Weird. 

Anyway, I was having a stupid day and this completely made it 100% better!

If my Santa Paws person likes my gift half as much as  like mine, they will be totally thrilled!


It is hard to believe that it is 2009.  It just doesn’t seem possible.  I spent the remaining few hours of the New Year at work.  I was finally done with all my monitorings at 8:45 or thereabouts.  I rang in the New Year at Beth’s, watching the ball drop and trying so desperately hard (and failing) to not laugh at Dick Clark.  I think it is so sweet that he’s still doing this and Beth and I agree, he does look like he’s in his 50’s still but the first thought I had was that they animated a wax dummy.  I know.  I’m going to hell.  I would also like to know why the network thought “Hey!  Let’s replace him with Ryan Seacrest!  What better way to say Happy New Year than dealing with a No Talent Hack?”

I have very strong feelings about Ryan Seacrest.  I hate him.  I also am not fond of Taylor Swift.  Or her hair.  I am hoping that this is not an inkling of 2009 for me.  Can it bode well that I spent the early moments of it filled with hatred towards Ryan Seacrest and Taylor Swift?  Probably not.

The rest of the weekend was spent at Beth’s for the 2009 Scrapbooking Extravaganza!  I finished Evora and the Chapel of Bone for Portugal.  Only almost 4 years from the date of the trip.  Sigh.  Next is Belem and the monastery.  We did not make snowmen but I am not really surprised by this.  We have an aversion to the cold and snow is typically cold and wet.

I came home early Monday morning, hoping to collect my keys from the security guard and get to bed.  Instead my keys were not there and my sister, brother-in-law and nephew were still in my apartment (they watch the cats when Keem and I are not there).  Apparently they decided to spend another night.  I was greeted by Kalli, Eddy and Sebastian (Kari didn’t want to leave the Demon Cat by himself while they were enjoying Hotel Keem and Dana) who followed me around for a good hour and all ended up in my bed.  It made me feel welcome and missed, having 3 cats pawing and meowing at me.  Kari thinks Kalli might be in heat to which I say “Oh, dear God, no. ”  She was following Sebastian around a lot and flaunting herself, the little floozy.  But I did catch her trying to search for milk on him, something he didn’t seem to care much for so that might be what she wanted.

I hope you all had a great weekend and a safe New Year celebration.  I’m looking forward to catching up with all of your shenanigans!

Hi.  I hope you are all doing well.

Me?  Oh, I’m great, if you consider having the world’s worst cold The!  Best!  Christmas!  Present!  Ever!  Personally, I don’t.  Keem is not enjoying it either.  She’s not sick but she is annoyed with me telling her I am sick of being sick.

I did get to talk to Johnny this morning when she called to wish me a Merry Christmas.  That was nice.  Also nice was watching one of my favorite 80’s Movies last night (The Money Pit) and realizing one of the words the minister woman says at the beginning of the movie was Beijo!  Beijo!  I turned to Keem and said “That’s what that means!  Kiss!  Kiss!”  Perhaps you had to be there but I was excited.

Keem and I were planning on visiting some friends today but the plague visitation has cancelled that idea.  Right now she is asleep on the chair, Eddy cuddled up on her chest.  She is making some funny noises as well.  Sometimes she snores but this is more of a cross between moaning and talking in her sleep.

Both Keem and I had been craving ham so she’s making that today.  We had bought it to have this weekend but what is a holiday a big feast?  I may not be able to eat much but I will enjoy it.

I am going to bed.  Have a good day and Happy Holidays to you all.

Sheryl from Paper napkin has been doing this and I’ve really enjoyed reading it.  She has been posting about the things that make her happy, something about 365 days of Grace or something like that.  Anyway, since it’s the close to the end of the year 2008 (how is this possible?  I once thought I wouldn’t make it to be 30 and now I’m living in the 21st century and am 41?  And where the heck is my flying car?)

I kind of did something like this yesterday and figured what the heck, why not again?  I doubt I could do this every day but it helps to think of pleasant things, especially when my old “friend” Depression is nipping at my heels.  She’s such a bitch.

  1. Comments!  I am a comment whore and I admit it freely.
  2. Friends, both IRL and on the interwebs.
  3. Books.  I love books so very much.  I love them with the passion of a thousand burning suns (the same passion for which I hate Nickelback (funny story (or sentence actually) my credit card has a contest going on where I could win the opportunity to follow Nickelback on tour for five days.  If I was to win, I think I’d have to decline because you would all wake up one morning to news stories about how I bludgeoned them to death with their instruments shouting “You should not be famous!  You are no-talent hacks!”).
  4. Um, I think I was talking about books, right?  Calming down now.  Hoping that no one actually budgeons Nickelback to death because I could be in big trouble.
  5. Anyway, books.  I love to read so very much.  I try to have a book with me at all times because you never know when you might have to wait for something.  Especially in the break room at work.  4 minutes waiting for your lunch to heat up just flies by when you have a book.
  6. Food days at work.  Someone brought in spiral hams and I was able to have ham sandwiches.  Plus there were ham pieces that were overly cooked and those are my favorite.  Mmm.  Ham.  Maybe I want a 3rd sandwich.
  7. The fact that my mom loves me enough to think about buying me an iPod for Christmas.  I have, however, squashed that idea by suggesting she visit my wish list on Amazon and choose something from that. 
  8. Joss Whedon.  Neil Patrick Harris.  Nathan Fillion.  The fact they have combined to create Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog makes me incredibly happy.  One of my suggestions on the Mom list.
  9. Discovering Charlaine Harris not only writes the Sookie Stackhouse books but has other series.  Found Grave Sight at Barnes and Noble the other day and have been devouring it.  This is a series about a woman who was struck by lightning when she was younger and can now find dead people.  I love paranormal mysteries.  Book 2 and 3 from the series are also on the Mom list.
  10. Knowing that Keem, Kari and I are going to make cookies this weekend with the nephew.  Should be seriously, seriously fun.  Or drive me insane.  One or the other.  And we need 20 pounds of flour.  This scares me.  That’s a lot of flour.
  11. Daily Dose of Imagery.  He’s in Canada somewhere and takes pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.  Today is a yellow tram and it is very cute.
  12. Music.  I love having my iPod at work and whenever this particular song comes on, it makes me want to sing and dance along. It’s happy and funny and the video is really cute.  I’ll have to check out her other music.  Thank you iTunes for free music on Tuesdays.
  13. I mentioned my fondness for the LOL cats, right?  At first I resisted them (it was the grammar and the spelling.  It made me hurt) but I learned resistance is futile and gave in.  Really, I should be pleased the cats can type instead of expecting them to spell correctly.  And look!  I have figured out how to insert the pictures properly!  YAY!


So I thought I had money to do some Christmas shopping this paycheck. Turns out I forgot about the cable bill. I always forget about the cable bill. It’s 212.50 and covers cable, internet and the phone and my God, that’s really exprensive. We probably don’t need all the stations we have but it is our only luxury so we’re keeping it. For now. Plus, right now I am listening to The Eagles singing “Those Shoes” on Comcast’s music channels. Love classic rock.

Because I am short on money, I’m not going to Rob and Betty’s on Christmas Eve because I can’t afford to buy them a gift.* Plus Keem isn’t going home for Christmas so we’re going to have a nice dinner and I might try to make a creme brulee. I got a creme brulee kit thing a few months back when Linen and Things first started closing their stores. It is my favorite dessert and I can’t wait to try it out.

*I know they wouldn’t care but I still feel bad about it.

Plus I have got to get my happy pills prescription refilled. This is not a good time of the year to run out of pills, especially with the suckiness of the economy. But there’s another 25 bucks I am going to have to scrounge up from somewhere.

Oh well, in just 3 more payments, the lap top will be paid off and I can actually have some extra money again.

Anyway, here are pictures of the children. Well, mainly Kalli doing her best to destroy the household.

<Kalli watches Dungeons and Dragons

Kalli will sometimes stop tearing around the apartment and stare at the television. Keem and I were watching “Dungeons and Dragons” last month and Kalli was fascinated. Especially by the dragons.

As much as I sometimes think about throwing her away...

I did not throw her away, even though sometimes we think about it. She is kind of a pain.

Must be in everything

Yes. That is a cat in our junk drawer.

Must have ice.  Give me ice.

I mentioned she has an addition for ice, right? She is constantly trying to get into our glasses and it is normal to come out in the morning and find the glasses on the floor.

Eddy eats his hidden treats

The only way that Eddy gets treats is if we hide them from Kalli. We have to distract her with her own treats (which she typically will only eat if they are scattered on the coffee table. She has to stalk them and then knock them onto the floor. She’s weird).

Fat cat on hat

We bought the cats these crinkly bag toys – one is a tree and the other is a hat. Eddy loves to lie on them since he doesn’t fit inside them. They are so spoiled.

Meer cat in freezer

As you can see, our freezer is fairly full but can still hold a kitten. This is her meet cat pose. Any time I go to get ice, she has to be there. Climbing all over the place and trying to dive into the glasses. How many people do you know that have to say “Cat, get out of the freezer.”

And now, the many reasons why we aren’t having a Christmas tree this year.

How to amuse a cat

Here she has found the tree. Eddy likes to lie under the tree and pretend he is a present so we were hoping this was going to be the most she did. Ha.

Our new ornament

Nope. Got to pretend she’s an ornament.


Unplugging it didn’t fool her. She knew it was still there.

Why do I climb?  Because it's there.

And this is when she discovered she could climb the tree to get to the DVD rack and go from there to the bookshelf and the entertainment center.

Today has been a good day. I didn’t have to work (yay!) and got to be all lazy. Keem and I were going to do laundry but decided against it. We will tomorrow, probably. Yep. My life is filled with excitement. Friday night is laundry night. Woo-hoo!

I am thankful for:

Great friends like Keem and Beth
My family here, Kari, Eric and Josh and my mom who is in Arizona
The fact that I am working at a job I really do love even when it is stressing me out
The two best cats in the world, Eddy and Kalli.
The Big Bang Theory (the show, not the actual theory (Keem and I are watching the most recent episode for the 3rd time this week*)) – yes. I am thankful for TV. Shut up.
Many other things, including, but not limited to, happy pills. Thank you makers of Effexor.

*Can someone explain what throwing a digital sheep at someone on Facebook means? It was on the most recent episode and Keem and I don’t get it.

Coming soon! Adorable pictures of my cats! I know you can’t wait.

Having a kitten for the first time in nine years has been very interesting. Although I don’t remember ever having to remove Eddy from the freezer. Now that Kalli is a little bit bigger, she has added a new twist to her quest for the ice cubes. She actually will climb into the freezer. I do not know of many people who have had to say to their cat “Please, for the love of God, get out of the ice cubes!”

Okay, I am cranky. I admit it. I’ve been kind of cranky this entire month because someone who works here at NABABNA has crossed my path and I now feel the need to annihilate them.

This person (and I have not been able to establish if I am overreacting. I am possibly overreacting but dang it, my feelings are real and you have hurt them beyond repair (Okay, not really)) has done some things this month that have really irritated me and I want to talk about it but I really can’t because, let’s face it, I don’t want to get fired for my blog. Or for possibly saying “Dear co-worker, I really want to stab you with a fork” to said person. Because, you know, it’s really hard to get another job once you’ve said that. Or done it for that matter.

But the best part of this is that Co-Worker Jessica understands exactly what I am going through and is the vantee to my vanter (Vant, for those not in the know, is a word I coined years ago when I was still at NABABNA’s main call center. It is a cross between vent and rant and sums it up perfectly). Today she was telling me that she can’t control other’s actions and so she takes deep breaths (yeah, she really is that perky) to help her deal with it.

So, when I got an email from the co-worker who I wish to strangle if she sends me one more email telling me how to do my job (okay, maybe it is not that extreme. Remember I said I might be overreacting?), I had to forward my complaint to Jessica.

To be on the safe side, I deleted everything except the last part. Otherwise, it is possible that someone would be able to figure it out.

From: DM
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 12:55 PM
To: Co-Worker Jessica
Subject: FW:

Oh, good Lord. Are you a bad word* idiot (not you, Jess, the irritating co-worker)?

Grumble, grumble, bad word, grumble.

Deep breaths.

Deep breaths not working. Banging head on desk.

*I try very hard not to swear at work. So instead of swearing, I say bad word a lot. It makes Jessica giggle.

I am trying to be a better person. I’m not succeeding. Also, I may have scared my co-workers when I hissed “Stop sending things to the Virtual Library” in a deep, gravely devil voice. Since I started out the day with 15 emails in there and have received about 20 more.

I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.

Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving. I am actually cooking!* Be amazed.

*Technically I am cooking tonight. And what I am cooking is pretty easy because it is a Pampered Chef recipe for a turkey ring. And I’m substituting Rotisserie Chicken from Super Target for the turkey. But still, I am cooking.

Turkey Ring Recipe

2 pkg. refrigerated crescent rolls (garlic butter flavor because the only other ones left were reduced fat and can you say blech? I can)

2 cups chopped, cooked turkey (Or chicken if you can’t find a stupid turkey loin at Super Target because they had to carry 500 20 pound turkeys instead. Convince roommate to chop chicken because the last time you tried using the Ultimate Chopper, your delicious Szechuan Chicken ended up being really spicy chicken pate)

1 1/4 cups grated Swiss Cheese
1/2 cup chopped celery (or none if you forgot to buy it)
1/2 cup sweetened, dried cranberries (the best part! I love Craisins!)
1 tbsp. dried parsley or 3 tbsp. fresh chopped parsley (whatever)
1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 tbsp. Dijon mustard (Please. I reject your Dijon mustard. I use yellow mustard. And possibly some of the Sweet and Nicely hot mustard from the Mustard Museum)

1/2 tsp. coarsely ground black pepper
1 egg white, lightly beaten (Oh, yeah. I forgot about this part)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. In mixing bowl, combine chicken, 1 cup of the cheese, celery, parsley, mayonnaise, mustard and black pepper; mix well (or combine everything if you are me).

Scoop filling evenly over desired crescent rolls that have been laid out in an overlapping circle pattern with long point to the outside like a starburst pattern. Bring long points over filling to center, joining with short points. Brush outside with egg white and sprinkle with remaining cheese (or don’t. It’ll still work). Bake in oven 25 to 30 minutes, until golden brown. Serves 8.

It is fantastic. I love it. I’m also going to try duplicating a Turkey Pasta Salad recipe that I’m addicted to. With chicken instead, of course.

Did I have a good Christmas? Yes.
Did I learn a valuable lesson? Yes.
Would that lesson be “Do not kiss your nephew multiple times when you know he’s sick even though he is quite possibly the most adorable child in the Universe and has inherited your imagination?” Yes again.

I’m at work, with my fevered brow and throat that is apparently on fire. I want to crawl under my desk and sleep. Except I know perfectly well that if I manage to get onto the floor, I’m not ever getting up again.

Hope you all had a good Holiday. Much love. Do not kiss sick children! Do you know how ill I am? Mountain Dew doesn’t taste like delicious ambrosia. It tastes yucky! This is obviously a sign of the apocoloypse.

Sigh. Only 6 hours to go before I can go home.

And it’s snowing. Stupid winter.

Well, I have learned something today. I learned that I accidentally doubled my dosage of glusophage and I was taking 4000 MG instead of the 2000 MG I was supposed to take. Also, I thought, hey, maybe I should check the side effects of this stuff because I haven’t been feeling well lately.

Side effects:

Low blood sugar (um, isn’t that what I’m trying to go for?). Signs include anger, shaking, fast heartbeat, confusion or sweating – well, other than the sweating, this doesn’t seem to be a problem.
Belly pain – check (although it rather feels like someone is trying to cut my stomach out with a very dull spoon)
Nausea or vomiting – Nausea, yes. Vomiting, thank the good Lord no.
Diarrhea – check (lucky, lucky me! This is fun! Everyone wants this!!! Oh, wait, no, they really don’t)
Not hungry (please. I wish).
Metallic taste (no, but I usually associate the metallic taste with blood and fortunately I don’t have any of that in my mouth).

I really want to go home. Just so you know. I have figured that most of this didn’t start until I, like the big idiot that I am, started doubling the dosage (and that was only because the pills I had before were 500 MG and Deb suggested I take 1000 MG. Do not ask me why I thought that the big pills and the little pills were the same size. I do not understand it either). So hopefully this means that going to the correct dosage will alleviate my symptoms. Hopefully.

Oh and someone just told me that our insurance company has decided to stop covering Effexor. They’ll only cover generics. There is no generic for Effexor. So I can either work with my doctor to find some happy pill substitutes or I can start paying full price. That doesn’t suck at all.

Anyway, to stop complaining, I want to mention the meme from yesterday is still continuing.

Oh, Udge is doing this and I am all about peer pressure and giving things to people so
the first five commenters to sign up for the meme here and post the same promise on their blogs will receive a small present-like thing from me. It will help jumpstart the holiday spirit for me. You will have to provide me with your real name and address but please keep in mind that I don’t drive and so probably would not be able to stalk you. Unless I am able to convince the Greyhound bus driver to circle around your house obsessively. I think that’s unlikely. I have
no idea what the small present-like thing will be but I must warn you, there is the chance you could receive a monkey sitting in a chair. I can be very strange. Just ask Beth.

Leave me a comment. And you know, I think I’m okay if you’ve already done this with someone else. I like to give presents.

Oh, and if you are wondering just exactly a monkey sitting in a chair looks like, click here. I maintain that it was a highly creative, non-boring gift. Beth maintains that I obviously go shopping while indulging in lots and lots of crack.*

*Beth has never said this. I like to exaggerate. I know you are all shocked at this.

I just sat down with my new boss Cheryl (formerly my old boss Cheryl but new boss Cheryl left the department and then I got promoted and am working for old boss Cheryl again. Try to keep up, people) and the other QA monitor, co-worker Jessica, to discuss what my responsibilities will be with my brand new, exciting position. Apparently cloning myself is involved because the list of tasks that I have is, well, more than one person can do in a 40 hour work week. Which is why Jessica was telling us that she goes home and works for another two hours each night. Um, yikes.

I am sure that once I actually learn how to do all the tasks, I’ll be able to calm down. And I am excited that I get to work on exciting projects, involving working with Excel and Word. This is good. I like both of these things. But for now, I’m unable to formulate sentences that actually make sense so I will not be telling you about my exciting weekend and Beth’s puzzle updates*. That will have to wait for tomorrow.

*Don’t you just love it when I leave you hanging like that? I know you are avidly waiting to know what this is all about.

Oh, Udge is doing this and I am all about peer pressure and giving things to people so the first five commenters to sign up for the meme here and post the same promise on their blogs will receive a small present-like thing from me. It will help jumpstart the holiday spirit for me. You will have to provide me with your real name and address but please keep in mind that I don’t drive and so probably would not be able to stalk you. Unless I am able to convince the Greyhound bus driver to circle around your house obsessively. I think that’s unlikely. I have no idea what the small present-like thing will be but I must warn you, there is the chance you could receive a monkey sitting in a chair. I can be very strange. Just ask Beth.

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