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Thanks for your nice comments, guys, I appreciate it!  I have calmed down a little bit.  I know there’s some major things I need to do to get out of this hole and I’m going to make the effort to figure it out.

Now, for non-cranky news:  I am sick.  Which, actually, does make me a little cranky.  I hate being sick.  The first day is always the worst because you’ve got the fuzzy head and absolutely no cold medicine except for some lousy cough drops that you bought at the convenience store which taste terrible and don’t seem to work at all.  And your co-workers are making the sign of the cross every time you look in their general direction.  What’s even worse is that Keem went to LaCrosse and I am home with the kitties and there is no one here for me to whine at.  My co-worker Jessica said I couldn’t whine at Keem about being sick with all that she’s going through right now and I agree.  So I just sent her an email telling her that I missed her and also said “I am sick.  It sucks.”  Not one word about how I’m probably dying.

Nyquil is quite possibly the best drug ever.  Dayquil is also not too shabby.  And Ricola cough drops taste good AND also assist in suppressing coughing.  I am going to take two Nyquil and go to bed.  Hopefully the plague will have passed me by tomorrow.


Well. I had a sucky weekend. I hope you all had a much better on than me.

Long story short, I seem to have developed some version of the plague. Not the dying one, just the “You will want to die” version. I am not going into any more detail than it was horrible and gross and disgusting.

  • Did I get to go to Beth’s for an exciting scrapbook weekend? I did not.
  • Did I get to go see my Uncle Bill for his 75th birthday celebration? I did not.
  • Did I get a Dr. Chicken balloon? I did not.
  • Did I get to stay home and be harassed by starving cats? I did.
  • Did I irritate Keem so much that she has forbidden me to ever say “Keem, I am dying” or “Keem, can we go to the library?” ever again. I did. Also, apparently, sick people don’t get to go to the library. I think that’s just dumb.

Plus, this was the big season/series finale week.

  • I sobbed through Grey’s Anatomy (even though none of the characters I like died (yet)) because I hate it when people die. Keem kept handing me tissues and laughing at me (although she did get a little teary eyed)
  • We watched UP and I sobbed through the first 15 or so minutes because his wife died and I knew she was going to die but still, he was going to be all alone and then they wanted him to go to the home and it was all very sad. And then the ending was happy. I cry at both happy and sad things. I am an equal opportunity sap.
  • I sobbed through LOST because people died and people didn’t die and people were reunited and it was all happy and sad and very confusing. Thank God this show is over. It has taken up way too much of my life that could be better spent playing Plants vs. Zombies (It’s a computer game. And there are zombies that want to eat your brains and you have to defend your brains by attacking them with plants. It’s quite fun)
  • I also watched The Mentalist’s season finale and did not cry, mainly because while some people died, I didn’t really like them all that much or they were not pivotal to the plot. There were a few tense moments but I was okay since there were no clowns

Last night I turn to Keem and bellow (completely off key) the song that is haunting me.

DM: Take a goooooooood look at me now. If you look cloooooooosely, it’s easy to traaaaaace the track of my tears. Whoaoaoaoao.
Keem: Wow. It’s my face and that’s not even close to being on key.
DM: Oh, yeah, that makes more sense. Face and trace rhyme. Should I sing more?

Suffice to say, the answer was a resounding no.

I am feeling much better and am glad that I no longer have the plague. Hope you all had a much better weekend than I did. Also, I have stopped crying whenever someone brings up Grey’s or UP or LOST. This might be due to the fact that my dear friend James (some of you may know him as the guy I was completely head over heels for but soon realized that we can never be together because a) he’s the most annoying man in the world, b) he may be an android and c) I told him that he was like Adam West Batman when I was drunk. Good Lord. I just reread that post and remembered that I glow-ducked that night. As in I took rubber ducks that glow and danced with them in a glow-sticky, rave-like manner) sent me the link to the most inappropriate YouTube video ever but it made me laugh hysterically. Apparently there has been a parody of Batman made that is, well, explicit and by Vivid Entertainment (can you tell that my work is blocking certain words?). A Adam West Batman parody. The trailer is hilarious. I may have to buy it just because I love Adam West Batman that much. It can go with the Pirate explicit movie I won with a picture of Jesus.

I have been thinking that it’s been awhile since I’ve done a photo essay and maybe I will regale you with pictures the next time I post. What should it be about?

  • Why my kitten is roughly the size of a football and both the dorkiest and most annoying cat in the world?
  • My exciting trip to La Crosse this weekend?
  • Random pictures that amuse me?

Only the shadow knows.

I am sick.  I know, it’s a total shock, right?  Completely sucks.

All last week, Keem was sick and I was amazed that I didn’t catch whatever crud she had.  I may have, as much as it hurts me to admit this, gotten a teeny bit cocky about it.

Yeah, there’s a word for what happens to people like me.  It’s Karma and she’s kind of a bitch.  Monday, co-worker Jessica sneezed in my general direction.  That afternoon I sneezed twice.  By 7 PM, I was coughing.  The next morning, I was going to go to work but that was cut short by my managing to get violently ill.  So I was out for 3 days.

It was so very exciting.  I’d watch some TV and go take a nap.  Play a little bit of FarmVille and go take a nap.  Feed the cats and go take a nap.  I would not have returned to work yesterday if it wasn’t for the fact that it was the end of the month (a day I hate completely and totally) and I had a lot of monitoring to catch up on.  It’s all done but I was at work until 9:30 last night.  Keem was less than thrilled.

Right now, I am awake because my throat hurts.  Since my nose is stuffed up, I can’t use my CPAP.  So I have to breathe through my mouth which makes my throat really sore.  My lips feel similar to sandpaper.  Oh, and I think my ear drum is angry again.  Freakin’ stupid ear infection is back.

If that wasn’t enough, I’ve been having odd dreams.  Earlier this week, there was one about how Co-worker Rykken and I worked for the X-Men and he was part werewolf.  And he had to move a lot of boxes in order to save the world.  Yeah, I have no clue.

Another one was how I was protesting rainbows or people against rainbows or something.  My sign was pretty and sparkly and rainbow colored with a picture of Judi Dench on it.  The sign caption was “Judi Dench taught me how to sing.”  What the heck does that even mean?

The one that woke me up (or that might have been Kalli, deciding she’s starving again) was dreaming I was at the laundromat that I used to go to when I lived in Madison.  I glanced over and Darth Vader was standing next to me, shoving a bunch of clothes into a machine.  I thought “Huh.  Darth Vader doesn’t sort his light and dark sides.  That’s got to cause chaos.”

I don’t even like Star Wars.  Why am I dreaming about it?  Stupid Nyquil.

Okay, I am done whining.  I promise to check out your blogs soon and hope you avoid the plague like crap going around like the plague.

Adventures with the ENT

Remember how, back on August 3rd, I said I had an ear infection?  Yeah.  I still have an ear infection.  On the 10th, I got to go to see an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor and wow, let me tell you, that was fun.  Yes, that is sarcasm.

Let’s discuss the excitement of the day, shall we?  Warning, I may or may not have exaggerated a tad.

  • I wake up.  I have a headache.  My ear is throbbing and full of liquid and I can’t hear out of it.
  • What do I do for a living?  Oh, right, I listen to phone calls and monitor them for quality purposes.  Really kind of important that I can hear.
  • I call in sick and go back to bed.
  • I am convinced my doctor appointment is on one side of downtown Saint Paul (near where the old Science Museum used to be) but decide to take a cab instead of walking.
  • Turns out the appointment is near the new Science Museum.  Good thing I decided to take the cab.
  • I fill out the forms and sit in the waiting room.  There is some guy who keeps staring at me.  Why is he staring at me?  This is weird.  Stop it.
  • There is a guy next to me who keeps making these snorting noises.  It’s kind of gross.
  • Weird guy is still staring.  Would hitting him with my book be considered assault?  Probably.  I don’t do it.
  • I am called into the back and meet my nurse person.  She looks at my ear and asks me some questions.  All perfectly normal.
  • ENT guy comes in.  “Hi, Dana.  How are you?  Let me take a look at your ear.”
  • Yep.  I have an ear infection.  Actually, apparently I have an “angry eardrum” and it is very thick and there are air bubbles behind the ear drum.  Oh, wow.  That’s really kind of gross.
  • I get to have a hearing test.  My hearing is not so good in the left ear.  That’s a shock.  But he thinks it will clear up.  Here’s my problem with this test.  When you put earphones on my head and talk into my ear, I can hear you.  I may not be able to hear everything you say but I can actually hear you.  You’re talking in my ear!  I don’t think that’s a completely effective hearing test.  Where’s the hearing test that takes place in the crowded bar or at the movie theater when I’m trying to figure out what people are saying?  How come I can hear better if I’m facing someone or if there are subtitles?  Explain that!
  • Apparently I have residual anger towards people who do hearing tests.
  • Then it is back to see ENT guy.  “Here’s what we’re going to do, Dana.  I’m going to stick this really sharp thing into your ear and slice your ear drum.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?”  Uh, no.  But if it works, I will be thrilled to death.
  • He pours this numbing solution into my ear.  He warns me that it will burn.  I am almost ready to ask if he can just put me out so I don’t have to deal with it but too late, stuff is slithering through my ear.
  • Burn is not the word I would use for this.  I would say “Mother-effing lava.”
  • Then he slices the ear drum.  Now my ear is filled with lava and the pain.  The sharp, horrible pain that will not end.
  • The liquid decides not to drain.  Why would it?  It likes my ear.  No, apparently it is too thick.
  • Happy ENT guy says “Okay, Dana.  Now we get to have lots of fun!  I get my kicks from torturing innocent people.  Some days I dress up like a clown!  Let’s shove a tube into this slice I just made so your ear drum won’t close up.  Look, it’s a really tiny tube.  It’ll be just fine.”
  • Uh, no, it was not just fine.  It was awful.  I am not ashamed to say that I cried like a baby when he rammed that thing in there.  It, of course, didn’t want to fit so there was some shoving and more sharp pain and more tears and oh, my God, this is not right.
  • I have finally found something I hate more than going to the dentist.  I hate going to the dentist so much that if I had a choice between a Pap smear every day for the rest of my life or getting my teeth cleaned, I would pick the Pap smear.  Do you know how demoralizing it is to realize that getting your teeth cleaned is actually a walk in the park compared to this?
  • As I walk out of the waiting room, tears still drying on my cheeks, I see that weird guy is still there.  Still staring.  As I leave, he follows me.  Oh, great.  I’m going to get murdered.  Well, that’ll be perfect.
  • Weird guy actually doesn’t follow me out of the office.  Apparently he was called into the back and I’m just slightly paranoid.

So that’s it.  Basically I paid a complete stranger $20 to slice my ear drum open and shove a tube in it.  And the infection’s still there.  I’m afraid to see what he’ll do on Friday when I have to go back.

I also have formed a theory.  Maybe Vincent Van Gogh wasn’t insane.  Maybe he just had an ear infection and the pain was so much he decided to just cut the ear off because that would be easier.  It could have been a radical new surgery process.  I am tempted to try it but Beth and Kim say no.  They also vetoed my using a tweezers to yank the tube out of my ear as well.  Sigh.  They are so very pratical.

GASP!  Facebook Drama!  Film at 11!

I love Facebook.  I really do.  I love the little quizzes and the games and catching up with family and friends.  I also enjoy crafting my status messages/comments to be funny or wry or amusing.  I like making people laugh.

However, sometimes you need to be careful.  One of my family members, John Doe*, took a Facebook quiz to find out how likely he was to go to jail.  It was 39%.  The little quiz result also said something along the lines of “You must have done a more serious crime because they don’t toss you in there for smuggling a lollipop out of the candy store.  Concentrate on positive things like using a hammer, toothpick and a piece of string to escape.”

*I know he’s related to me but I didn’t know how.  Name changed to protect him (and me).

This amused me.  There’s nothing serious about this, right?  Facebook is a social networking site, not a Nobel Prize winning think tank.  Especially when you think of the extremely horrible grammar in many of these quizzes.

So I leave a cute little comment.  Or at least I thought it was cute.

Dana Marie Vittum:  Hmm.  This worries me.  I have a hardened criminal for a relative!  But hey, having MacGyvver-like skills is nothing to sneeze at.

This morning, I am reading my news feeds and see there’s a comment after mine.

Parent Smith:  I am the proud parent of that criminal – back off.  You have other family members that are much worse to worry about.  “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

Um.  The words “WTF” came to mind.  She honestly thought was serious?  Really?  Oh, no!

I leave another comment.

Dana Marie Vittum:  John, if I offended you or your parent, I apologize.  I meant this as a joke, not a judgment.  I certainly do not think a Facebook quiz is an accurate assessment of someone’s criminal behavior.

So I am, of course, obsessing over this.  Am I a horrible person?  Is John going to hate me forever?  I am talking to Co-workers Rykken, Christy and Jessica about this today.

Christy:  Who is he?
DM:  Um, I have no idea.  I know we’re related, I just don’t know how.  He’s probably a cousin.  Or maybe a nephew.

I look up the information.  Yep.  He’s a nephew.  His parent is a former in-law.  That might account for the mysterious comment about worrying about my other relatives.  There may be some bitterness involved.  But part of me is still feeling guilty.

Do you think I’m a horrible person?  Would you have thought my comment was serious?  Should I have ended my comment with “J/K” or “LOL” or an emoticon so I don’t end up being burned in effigy later?

Updated – she did apologize for over-reacting.  We are okay.  I am glad about that.

Next week I am on vacation.  Keem and I are journeying to the wilds of Wisconsin to spend time with my mother, Kari and Josh.  It will be fun and exciting.  I’m not sure if I mean that or if that’s sarcasm.  My mother makes me a little crazy.  Not Vincent Van Gogh crazy.  Yet.

The Plague Continues – just in a new form

I have an ear infection.  It’s so ridiculous.  I’m 42 years old and this is my first ever ear infection.  I don’t like it.  Plus, it just seems so ludicrous.  It’s like wearing bifocals and having a huge acne breakout.

Granted, the horrible, gut-wrenching, “May I please jab a needle in my ear” pain is pretty much gone.  What’s driving me crazy right now is the feeling of liquid sloshing around in there and the fact that I can’t hear very well out of my left ear.  Hey, let’s think.  What do I do for a living again?  I listen to calls.  That’s awesome!

I’m squirting antibiotic drops in my ears four times a day (which might account for the liquid feeling).  It’s very exciting.  I would not wish this on my worst enemy.  Oh, wait.  Yes, I would.  Exactly how do you give someone an ear infection so I can work on inflicting a former friend of mine.

The bronchitis has pretty much cleared up.  That’s good.

The Further Adventures of Kalli, aka Demon Spawn

The other day, we ordered chicken wings from Pizza Hut (Mmm.  Garlic Parmesan.  Yummy).  I went to the door to pay.  Kalli takes this time to run out into the hallway.  The pizza delivery woman tries to stop her and I let her know this is something Kalli does every chance she gets.

Then I watch as Kalli runs up and down a 3 foot space, head held high, tail waving in the wind (okay, there’s not much wind in the apartment hallway but you know what I mean).  Is she trying to be a show kitten or something?  I can just see what is going through that teeny-tiny brain.  “Look at me!  Look at me!  Look!  Look!  Reward me with a treat of some sort because I am just so cute!  Loooooooooook!”

The next day, we decided to order pizza from Domino’s (yes, yes, I know.  Not the best choices but it was Tuesday and you buy one, get one free.  Cold pizza makes an excellent breakfast).  I go to the door to pay.  The pizza delivery man looks at Kalli.

PDM:  You.  I remember you.

The tone in his voice is as though Kalli is his mortal enemy.  My cat is someone’s nemesis.  This is so awesome and weird at the same time.

I think that’s pretty much it.  My life is not the most exciting lately.  Sorry.

So that means it’s Bullet Point Monday!  Woo-hoo!

  • Went to Fogo de Chao yesterday with Keem, Beth, Beth’s mom Laurie and Laurie’s boyfriend, Scott
  • It was fantastic.  Hot Brazilian men carrying gigantic slabs of meat around with them.
  • Not knowing the names of the Hot Brazilian men, we started referring to them as “Beef Ribs guy” and “Sausage Guy.” 
  • The whole premise of this restaurant is you have this little circle in front of you that you can either flip over to green (which means go) or red (which means stop) to control the amount of meat brought to you.  Keem had flipped it over and was watching avidly who came over to serve us.
  • Laurie mentioned that Keem could tell them no and Keem replied “I know.  But I feel bad for the Sausage Guy.”
  • This made us all laugh and I found it so funny that I started snorting.  Laurie said “It’s okay.  Tomorrow he gets to be the Sirloin Guy.”
  • For dessert I had Creme Brule.  This is the most perfect dessert ever.  I would eat it every day if I could.  Yum.
  • After dinner, it was off to Beth’s house to hang out in her backyard and play Sheepshead.  We also brought her laptop outside and watched Mamma Mia.
  • I love this movie.  It’s so funny and cute and who doesn’t love Abba?
  • Every movie I see Meryl Streep in, she just impresses me more and more.  She’s always a different person – you don’t look at her and say “Oh, that’s Meryl Streep pretending to be so and so.”  No, she is that person.  Plus, she can really sing!
  • Pierce Brosnan is very cute but he can not sing.  He sounds like a somewhat sick frog.
  • My favorite number is Christine Baranski singing “Does Your Mother Know?”  I love that song.
  • I have been begging Keem to take me to the library for about a year (possibly longer) and she has resisted my pleas.  You can imagine how excited I was when my doctor told me we should check out a book about diabetes management from the library.  When I told her to emphasis library for Keem’s sake, she said “Heck, I’ll give you a prescription.”
  • I was telling Beth about this yesterday and her response was “Yeah but when you go to the pharmacy with a prescription, they only let you get the one item.  So Keem doesn’t need to let you take out more than one book.  If only there was an over the counter library.”
  • Sigh.  Beth is conspiring with Keem on thwarting me.  It’s very sad.
  • Stupid bronchitis has not gone away completely.  That is irritating.

Nothing else is really going on.  How are all of you?

But hey, I’ll give it a go anyway.  What the heck, right?

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning.  Follow-up on how things are going since I started taking insulin.

How are they going?  The words spectacular and fantastic come to mind.

  • My blood sugar is under control (ranging around 140 after fasting which is really good when you consider it was well over 200)
  • I feel better (well, other than the fact that I am sick and want to crawl into bed forever)
  • I made the decision to not eat pizza after I checked my blood sugar and saw that it was high (the pizza would have been a midnight snack, not my regular dinner)
  • I am making healthy, responsibile choices when it comes to eating
  • Lean Pockets Spinach, Artichoke Chicken pocket thingy is quite possibly the yummiest thing ever
  • So is Coke Zero.  Unless, of course, you are a diehard Coke fan.  Then you won’t be convinced.  But for me, it is a nice substitute for Mountain Dew
  • My chiropractor came into the examination room on Monday and asked “Are you exercising?”  I was.  While lying on the examination table.  I pretend I am lifting weights.  And also I do leg lifts.  It’s kind of fun
  • I know.  The fact that I am saying that exercising is fun has not escaped me here
  • I lost 11 pounds
  • Wait.  I don’t know if I said that loud enough.  I LOST 11 POUNDS!!!!!

Eleven freakin’ pounds.  And that was wearing my shoes.  So, as Deb told me this morning, it may actually be closer to 13 pounds.  Not that I’m going to quibble.  I’m fine with just saying 11.

Other than that, I have bronchitis.  Which is not so much fun but it could be worse.  It could be pneumonia and I could be writing this in a hospital bed, begging someone to get me access to the internet before I hurt them.

Hope you are all doing well!

Those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile are aware that I found out I was diabetic in 2007, shortly after I turned 40 and my body decided to fall apart (why do I always want to type apartment there?).  Knowing me, I am sure none of you will be surprised to know that, after a short period of being the model patient (taking my pills, monitoring my blood sugar, eating healthy), I pretty much said “Screw it.”  Why?  I hate needles.  The Metformin I was taking made me sick to my stomach.  I discovered that, no matter how much I love a good salad, my body did not care for them and would react in ways that were not fun.  Plus, the minute I start thinking I’m on a diet, I am convinced I am starving and will binge like crazy.

So, where was I?  Oh, yes, good behavior fell at the wayside.  Anyway, I haven’t been back to see Deb (my doctor) in awhile but recently got a letter from my clinic saying my Happy Pills (Effexor) now had a generic version and I could save tons of money.  I called and asked for a prescription.  However, Deb had her nurse call me and say I needed to come in for a discussion on my depression to see if this would be right for me.

Yeah, she’s tricky.  We did discuss my depression but we also talked about the whole diabetes thing.  She told me that was the real reason she had me come in.  She brought up insulin again and I gave all the reasons why I didn’t want to take insulin (okay, there’s one.  I hate needles) and she said I should try this one called Levemir.  Only one injection a day, non-invasive, etc.  She could easily prescribe me another oral medication but it may just make me as sick to my stomach as Metformin. 

Fine, I say.  I’ll try it, I say.  She sends this really sweet nurse in to draw my blood (I have evil veins that like to roll.  The other nurses won’t go near me) and show me how to give myself the injection.

May I just tell you that it is the easiest thing I have ever done?  There’s this tiny little needle that is even thinner than my cross stitch needles.  There is no pain involved and honestly?  It’s actually kind of fun giving myself the injection.  I never expected to enjoy it.

Also, my blood sugar has dropped over 50-60 points and is staying there.  I have some more energy.  I’m not as hungry all the time (and when I am, I have learned to embrace yogurt.  Or Baked Lays.  And carrots.  Apparently I LOVE carrots).  I am actually exercising. 

Things are pretty good right now.  Except for the evil plague that has captured me and is holding me hostage (some sort of cold.  Started out as a sore throat, mutated into sore throat and stuffy nose and is now heading for my lungs), I feel the best that I have felt in years.

I hope you are all doing well.  How is your summer going for you?

So I was going to volunteer this last Saturday but:

  1. I overslept
  2. I woke up with the world’s worst backache and could barely walk, let alone bend over and pick up trash

Then, later on in the day, I had a horrible, horrible headache and decided to take a nap.  You know what doesn’t work when you’re taking a nap?  Having a small gray cat sit on your chest and yowl at you about how no one ever feeds her and she is completely and totally unloved.

I decided to treat myself to an exciting dinner Saturday night and ordered chicken wings from a local pizza place.  Sunday morning I found myself projectile vomiting said chicken wings onto my shower curtain and the floor.  While the Kalli Monster watched avidly.  Eddy, just in case you’re wondering, behaved like a perfect gentlecat the entire weekend.  There was some dejected moaning that Keem was not home but he got over it and came out to spend quality time with me.

Food poisoning?  I think so. 

Keem returned Sunday night and we watched the last two episodes of Lost and the newest episode of Dollhouse.  So much for my theory that Adelle and Dominic might have something going on.  That was blown right out of the water.

Today, of course, I feel absolutely fine.  Except for the gigantic throbbing zit on my forehead that is shouting (in neon) “LOOK!  LOOK at me!”  And I hate my hair.  Other than that, life is good.

How was your weekend?  Better than mine, I hope.

First of all, thank you for your birthday wishes and your reminders that it is really important that I take my pills.  I appreciate that.

Second, that was the shortest depression I have ever had (the longest lasted 6 months) and it snapped yesterday.   I do not know the exact time but I do know that I was in a much better mood.

Yesterday I played on the computer, watched TV (trying to get caught up on about 11 back episodes of Heroes.  I have a vague idea of what is going on, thanks to Beth), took a nap and cuddled with kitties.  It was awesome.  For the most part.  There were two things that weren’t 100% spectacular.

Number 1 – When Keem came home, I was able to tell her how Kalli is proving herself to be a little sister to Eddy.  Gosh, did it bring back memories of growing up with Kari.  Kari’s nickname was Brat.  It suited her very well.  In fact, if you would have told me 27 years ago that Kari would become one of my best friends, I would have laughed in your face. 

Kalli did the following yesterday:

  • Are you in the cat bed, Eddy?  I want to be in the cat bed.  Let me sit on top of your head until you move. 
  • Are you on the Papasan chair, Eddy?  It’s mine!  MINE!  Let me chew on your ears until you move.
  • Oh!  Hey, Eddy got treats.  I have treats as well but I want his treats.  I am just going to crawl underneath him and push him out of the way.
  • Are you lying there comfortably on the floor, not bothering anyone?  Well, I want that spot of the floor.  Get out!

And so on.  It is somewhat aggravating.  Eddy is incredibly patient, however.  I want to tell him that in a year or so, he and Kalli will be best friends but I know he’d give me the same look that I gave my mom.  The look that says “Seriously?  Woman, are you on crack?”*

*Although, in the 80’s we didn’t know about crack.  Instead I think I gave her the look that said “Dude, what are you smoking?”

Number 2 – after I woke up from my nap (because the stupid apartment right above us is being remodeled.  Apparently I can sleep through a fire alarm but not jackhammers), I noticed something else that was aggravating.  I had a stuffy nose and a sore throat.  This is wrong.  Apparently, on my birthday, God decided I needed the plague.  This did make me decide to unload and load the dishwasher and also vaccum.  For whatever reason, when I get sick, I decide the germs are out to get me and I must destroy them all.

Later that night, Kari came over for girl’s night (every Wednesday) and we watched Chopped on The Food Network (Like Iron Chef but with more drama) and then, to our surprise and excitement, America’s Next Top Model started last week.  We were very happy because honestly, there is nothing funnier than skinny women being forced to live in a house together.  The drama is unbelievable.  And watching one of the prettiest girls ever sobbing because her hair got cut short and she only feels pretty if she covers it up?  Oh, my God, you just want to smack her.  There is one girl we are rooting for, I can’t remember her name but she is a burn victim and wants to be a role model for other burn victims to show them that you can be beautiful even if you are scarred.  I think it is going to be tough for her because not everyone will see things that way, especially in the fashion industry.  But my God, is she beautiful.  She stood there in her bathing suit, proud of herself and it made me happy to see someone take on the fashion industry.  It makes up for the crap about some designer saying Heidi Klum is fat.  Gosh, I wish I was fat like Heidi Klum.

Kari stopped at Culver’s and picked up a Turtle Cake.  It was fantastic.  Eric and Josh called and sang Happy Birthday to me.  My Mom called later that night and also sang Happy Birthday to me. 

So, even though I had to have a nervous breakdown to get the time off (we have a PTO freeze right now), it was worth it.  Now if I could just get rid of this damn plague.

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