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My sister and I are talking today because my co-worker that I ride with is filing short term disability and I need to find a new ride to work.  Kari says “Get your license.”  I snap.  Maybe a little irrationally because I just realized I’ve gone a few days without taking my Effexor but still, I also think that it’s a little justified as well.

Getting my license is not going to solve all of my problems.  Yes, I would like to get my driver’s license some day but there’s a couple reasons why I haven’t done that.

  1. Driving a car terrifies me.  I have such a short attention span and you want to put me behind the wheel of a gigantic car?  Um, yeah, maybe not such a good idea.
  2. Getting my driver’s license is not going to magically solve all of my problems.  You know why?  Because it doesn’t mean anything.  In order to drive, you need a car.  In order to have a car, you need insurance.  In order to have a car and insurance, you need money.
  3. I don’t have any money.  I am so in debt right now that I’m not really sure what I’m going to do.  I owe a ton of people money and am getting the lovely collection calls.  As soon as I pay off one creditor, another one shows up.
  4. I am thinking about filing for bankruptcy.  I don’t know if I’ll actually do it because, well, let’s be honest, I can’t afford it.  I may check into one of those credit counseling places and see if they can help.
  5. Every day I eat two packages of Ramen noodles for breakfast/lunch because that’s really all I can afford.  My roommate is so frustrated with me right now because I owe her a ton of money.
  6. And getting my license is supposed to help?  Really?  How?
I know people aren’t trying to be insensitive when they say it, I know that it’s got to be frustrating taking me places all the time but really, suggesting I get my license doesn’t help.  All it does it make me feel even more worthless.
Sometimes, I just want to disappear.  Become a hermit.  Then I wouldn’t be such a burden on everyone.
God, sometimes I can be so melodramatic.  But this did help a little bit.  Thank you for reading.

Well. I had a sucky weekend. I hope you all had a much better on than me.

Long story short, I seem to have developed some version of the plague. Not the dying one, just the “You will want to die” version. I am not going into any more detail than it was horrible and gross and disgusting.

  • Did I get to go to Beth’s for an exciting scrapbook weekend? I did not.
  • Did I get to go see my Uncle Bill for his 75th birthday celebration? I did not.
  • Did I get a Dr. Chicken balloon? I did not.
  • Did I get to stay home and be harassed by starving cats? I did.
  • Did I irritate Keem so much that she has forbidden me to ever say “Keem, I am dying” or “Keem, can we go to the library?” ever again. I did. Also, apparently, sick people don’t get to go to the library. I think that’s just dumb.

Plus, this was the big season/series finale week.

  • I sobbed through Grey’s Anatomy (even though none of the characters I like died (yet)) because I hate it when people die. Keem kept handing me tissues and laughing at me (although she did get a little teary eyed)
  • We watched UP and I sobbed through the first 15 or so minutes because his wife died and I knew she was going to die but still, he was going to be all alone and then they wanted him to go to the home and it was all very sad. And then the ending was happy. I cry at both happy and sad things. I am an equal opportunity sap.
  • I sobbed through LOST because people died and people didn’t die and people were reunited and it was all happy and sad and very confusing. Thank God this show is over. It has taken up way too much of my life that could be better spent playing Plants vs. Zombies (It’s a computer game. And there are zombies that want to eat your brains and you have to defend your brains by attacking them with plants. It’s quite fun)
  • I also watched The Mentalist’s season finale and did not cry, mainly because while some people died, I didn’t really like them all that much or they were not pivotal to the plot. There were a few tense moments but I was okay since there were no clowns

Last night I turn to Keem and bellow (completely off key) the song that is haunting me.

DM: Take a goooooooood look at me now. If you look cloooooooosely, it’s easy to traaaaaace the track of my tears. Whoaoaoaoao.
Keem: Wow. It’s my face and that’s not even close to being on key.
DM: Oh, yeah, that makes more sense. Face and trace rhyme. Should I sing more?

Suffice to say, the answer was a resounding no.

I am feeling much better and am glad that I no longer have the plague. Hope you all had a much better weekend than I did. Also, I have stopped crying whenever someone brings up Grey’s or UP or LOST. This might be due to the fact that my dear friend James (some of you may know him as the guy I was completely head over heels for but soon realized that we can never be together because a) he’s the most annoying man in the world, b) he may be an android and c) I told him that he was like Adam West Batman when I was drunk. Good Lord. I just reread that post and remembered that I glow-ducked that night. As in I took rubber ducks that glow and danced with them in a glow-sticky, rave-like manner) sent me the link to the most inappropriate YouTube video ever but it made me laugh hysterically. Apparently there has been a parody of Batman made that is, well, explicit and by Vivid Entertainment (can you tell that my work is blocking certain words?). A Adam West Batman parody. The trailer is hilarious. I may have to buy it just because I love Adam West Batman that much. It can go with the Pirate explicit movie I won with a picture of Jesus.

I have been thinking that it’s been awhile since I’ve done a photo essay and maybe I will regale you with pictures the next time I post. What should it be about?

  • Why my kitten is roughly the size of a football and both the dorkiest and most annoying cat in the world?
  • My exciting trip to La Crosse this weekend?
  • Random pictures that amuse me?

Only the shadow knows.

So that means it’s Bullet Point Monday!  Woo-hoo!

  • Went to Fogo de Chao yesterday with Keem, Beth, Beth’s mom Laurie and Laurie’s boyfriend, Scott
  • It was fantastic.  Hot Brazilian men carrying gigantic slabs of meat around with them.
  • Not knowing the names of the Hot Brazilian men, we started referring to them as “Beef Ribs guy” and “Sausage Guy.” 
  • The whole premise of this restaurant is you have this little circle in front of you that you can either flip over to green (which means go) or red (which means stop) to control the amount of meat brought to you.  Keem had flipped it over and was watching avidly who came over to serve us.
  • Laurie mentioned that Keem could tell them no and Keem replied “I know.  But I feel bad for the Sausage Guy.”
  • This made us all laugh and I found it so funny that I started snorting.  Laurie said “It’s okay.  Tomorrow he gets to be the Sirloin Guy.”
  • For dessert I had Creme Brule.  This is the most perfect dessert ever.  I would eat it every day if I could.  Yum.
  • After dinner, it was off to Beth’s house to hang out in her backyard and play Sheepshead.  We also brought her laptop outside and watched Mamma Mia.
  • I love this movie.  It’s so funny and cute and who doesn’t love Abba?
  • Every movie I see Meryl Streep in, she just impresses me more and more.  She’s always a different person – you don’t look at her and say “Oh, that’s Meryl Streep pretending to be so and so.”  No, she is that person.  Plus, she can really sing!
  • Pierce Brosnan is very cute but he can not sing.  He sounds like a somewhat sick frog.
  • My favorite number is Christine Baranski singing “Does Your Mother Know?”  I love that song.
  • I have been begging Keem to take me to the library for about a year (possibly longer) and she has resisted my pleas.  You can imagine how excited I was when my doctor told me we should check out a book about diabetes management from the library.  When I told her to emphasis library for Keem’s sake, she said “Heck, I’ll give you a prescription.”
  • I was telling Beth about this yesterday and her response was “Yeah but when you go to the pharmacy with a prescription, they only let you get the one item.  So Keem doesn’t need to let you take out more than one book.  If only there was an over the counter library.”
  • Sigh.  Beth is conspiring with Keem on thwarting me.  It’s very sad.
  • Stupid bronchitis has not gone away completely.  That is irritating.

Nothing else is really going on.  How are all of you?

But hey, I’ll give it a go anyway.  What the heck, right?

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning.  Follow-up on how things are going since I started taking insulin.

How are they going?  The words spectacular and fantastic come to mind.

  • My blood sugar is under control (ranging around 140 after fasting which is really good when you consider it was well over 200)
  • I feel better (well, other than the fact that I am sick and want to crawl into bed forever)
  • I made the decision to not eat pizza after I checked my blood sugar and saw that it was high (the pizza would have been a midnight snack, not my regular dinner)
  • I am making healthy, responsibile choices when it comes to eating
  • Lean Pockets Spinach, Artichoke Chicken pocket thingy is quite possibly the yummiest thing ever
  • So is Coke Zero.  Unless, of course, you are a diehard Coke fan.  Then you won’t be convinced.  But for me, it is a nice substitute for Mountain Dew
  • My chiropractor came into the examination room on Monday and asked “Are you exercising?”  I was.  While lying on the examination table.  I pretend I am lifting weights.  And also I do leg lifts.  It’s kind of fun
  • I know.  The fact that I am saying that exercising is fun has not escaped me here
  • I lost 11 pounds
  • Wait.  I don’t know if I said that loud enough.  I LOST 11 POUNDS!!!!!

Eleven freakin’ pounds.  And that was wearing my shoes.  So, as Deb told me this morning, it may actually be closer to 13 pounds.  Not that I’m going to quibble.  I’m fine with just saying 11.

Other than that, I have bronchitis.  Which is not so much fun but it could be worse.  It could be pneumonia and I could be writing this in a hospital bed, begging someone to get me access to the internet before I hurt them.

Hope you are all doing well!

Beth introduced me to Marc Cohn and his music (besides the Walkin’ In Memphis one that I already knew).  This song has been playing on my iPod the last couple of days (and I search it out as well).  It’s a nice bouncy song that makes me happy to hear it.  If you want to read the lyrics, they are here.

Walk through this world with me.  Let me lead you with my bullet points (I’m in a weird mood, in case you can’t tell).

  • Keem’s insurance company has agreed that she was not at fault and will cover all medical for both of us up to $20,000 (except for the $100 deductible). 
  • Dr. Furlong (our chiropractor) has decided to aggressively treat the injuries from the accident (I didn’t think it was possible but there were some – as evidenced by our X-rays.  No damage to the car but plenty to us) and we’re back to 4 times a week.  Plus two massages a week.  I like the massages a lot and it has been very helpful combatting the aches and pains.
  • I have been waking up with a stiff back on and off since the accident, something that hasn’t happened since I started going to the chiropractor.  This annoys me.  I know it’s partly because of the weather (damp and rainy and about 60 degrees.  Something I would love in January but despise in June.  In June there should be at least some sunlight) but it is also from the accident. 
  • The weather has also made me extremely sleepy and I’m trying to combat that by walking.  Nothing major, just once around the building/parking lot at work but it is a start.  I’ve been going a little bit farther each day.
  • This has nothing to do with accidents but Izze Sparkling Blackberry is quite possible the best drink ever.  Even better than Coke Zero (which replaced my Diet Coke addiction (which replaced my Mountain Dew addiction)).
  • Co-Worker Rykken went to Chipotle today and picked up lunch for Christy, Keem and myself.  Rykken is quite possibly the nicest guy ever and we are all surprised that he is not yet married.  Christy and I really need to start getting our reality TV show together so we can pick out the perfect wife for him.
  • I saw a bumper sticker the other day that seriously ticked me off.  It said “God is a conservative.”  Um, no, He’s not.  I am quite positive that he’s a Liberal.  So bite me, jerk face.  I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everything but really? 
  • One of my co-workers was showing us a bumper sticker she wants to get that says “Why the hell should I have to press 1 to hear English?”  My response?  “Well, technically, English wasn’t the first language in America.”  I love her dearly but we should never ever discuss politics.  Especially when one of the bumper stickers she was showing me was a picture of W with “Thank you, President Bush, for keeping us safe.”   If I would have allowed myself to speak, it would have been something intellectual like “ARGGGGGGGGH!”
  • I have pink streaks in my hair now.  I had it done on Friday.  I love them even though they are fading (I was warned it would happen and they’d end up as a Strawberry Blonde until they grow out).
  • I will post pictures once I figure out what happened to the cord that uploads my pictures to the computer.  I know it has an official name but I can’t think of what it is called.  I am also quite convinced Kalli might have ate the damn thing.  She is quite the little piglet and may have tripled in size since she was spayed.  We are trying to put her on a diet but it doesn’t seem to be working very well.  What does work is that I make her work for her treats.  I toss one, she chases after it and then I make her come back so I can throw the next one.  She’s getting a work out.
  • What is new with you?
  • When your day starts with a car accident.
  • Yes.  I said car accident.
  • As in Keem and I are at the light, talking about something.  There is a honk.  Keem realizes the light has turned green.  Keem says “Oh, the light is green.”  And then…
  • There is a crunch and a flopping forward of heads and general body parts because the lady who honked at Keem got rear-ended and that resulted in her rear-ending us.
  • And then, when Keem is trying to pull over so the exchange of insurance information can take place, we are almost rear-ended by a semi.
  • Is there really any surprise that I’ve been wanting to go home since 8:38 (when we arrived at work.  Only 8 minutes late, mind you.  If it had been up to me, I’d be back in bed, cuddling with kitties)?
  • Yes.  We are okay.  I’m a little sore but am not sure if that’s from the accident or the fact that I am old and decrepit. 
  • We do have chiropractor appointments for tomorrow.  To be followed by massages.  I love massages.
  • I keep thinking “Well, at least I wasn’t rear-ended by a priest (long story.  Former friend was rear-ended by a priest.  It was funny.  But you might have had to have been there).
  • At least I had a good weekend scrapbooking and cuddling with my newest nephew, the gorgeous Kurka (I can’t remember the official spelling of this) Brooks, Beth’s sweet, sweet puppy.  You should go check out his pictures on her blog
  • Kurka is Ukranian for Chicken.  It’s awesome.

A month or so ago, Keem talked me into joining Bacefook (I believe Liz coined this fake name for a popular website (flip the B and F)).  I’ve been enjoying it and have connected with a few old high school friends and have become addicted to this weird game called Mafia Wars that I cannot even begin to describe to you.  Anyway, Bacefook allows you to have a status update which is similar to Twitter (short, brief statements about what is going on) and Blogging (but less in depth).

It’s fun.  By joining the website, I can find out what Liz has had for breakfast (tabouli.  Or spaghetti.  Or foods that I have never heard of (tabouli falls into this category) or that Miss Melissa is rocking out to Blondie.  I have also discovered that my brother-in-law really, really hates the Green Bay Packers and is going to get his buttocks kicked very hard because Keem is from Wisconsin. 

Anyway, my morning’s status was that I really did not want to go to work but also, I have been thinking about things.  Which means, of course, that there are bullet points.  YAY!  We love bullet points (Well, I do.  I’m not sure how you all feel about them)!

  • I’m tired and haven’t been sleeping well lately.  It’s kind of irritating.  Plus both my arms hurt now.  It was bad enough that apparently I was pitching left-handed games in my sleep but now my right arm is at it as well.  The Dana, she is saying Grr right now.
  • In our commute this morning, our 15 minute commute, it snowed, sleeted and rained.  Sometimes all at once.  I know I live in Minnesota and I should expect this but really, I would like very much for it to be Spring, thank you.
  • We are having a hush-hush tour at NABABNA next week.  So hush-hush that no one knows who it is.  It has, however, meant major cleaning of our desks.  And the putting away of all of my stuff because apparently, no one needs to know that my sense of humor is sarcastic and off-putting (it was actually my idea to put it away.)
  • While I was putting the desk toppers in my overhead compartment, 3 of them decide to slide out and land on the floor.  One of them has a huge crack in the glass now. 
  • I find it amusing that the one that broke is “Bitterness.”  It is cracked like my dreams.  My sweet, sweet dreams.


  • I had the oddest dream on Sunday.  Long story short – I dreamt that I was dating Hugh Hefner and Stan Lee. 
  • I know.  Stan Lee I get.  Marvel Comics.  Awesome upon awesome.  But Hugh Hefner?  What the heck is that?
  • The only good thing about it is the really annoying one from The Girls Next Door (and I only know about these people because of Last Comic Standing) – I don’t remember her name but she was really irrated that Hugh chose me over her because, after all, I am a fat chick.  And then she laughed her annoying laugh that sounds like a donkey on crack.  And then I punched her.
  • Beth, who is one of the greatest friends ever, recently made 44 CDs for me.  44.  That is so amazing, I can’t believe it.  Anyway, last night, I’m loading one of them to iTunes – Creedence Clearwater Revival.  iTunes doesn’t recognize the songs because there isn’t just one album that they’re from so I have to play the song and try to remember the name (thank God for Google and people who love to put lyrics online!) of the song.  While I’m doing this, Kalli started racing back and forth around the apartment, playing frantically with toys and leaping at things.  I have decided that she likes CCR and was expressing her joy at listening to the music. 
  • Beth and I were talking about how we don’t seem to have all that exciting of lives anymore.  It used to be that we’d go to karaoke on Sundays and something odd or funny would happen (such as drunk people dancing with ketchup bottles).  Now there is just karaoke on Thursday nights and, while it is fun, not that much happens.
  • I told Beth that apparently all I do now is talk about being sick and my cats.  Sigh.  I AM a crazy cat lady, aren’t I?  I’m just short 28 cats.
  • I am excited about the possibility of warm weather approaching though.  Keem and I are making plans to take lots and lots of pictures.  That will give me something to write about.
  • While I’m not into basketball, March Madness has effected me in two different ways – one is Go Fug Yourself and the 2nd Annual March Madness they are hosting.  It is hilarious.  You would not believe how much fun really bad clothes are. 
  • The other one is Co-Worker Jessica was puzzling over the March Madness for 90’s Movies and I overheard her trying to decide on a couple of movies.  I decided we could no longer be friends when she chose Tommy Boy over 10 Things I hate About You.  And she’s never seen My Cousin Vinny.  How is that possible?  How?
  • I may have to do the movies one here, if I can figure out how to make the brackets work properly.
  • I was realizing the last Encyclopedia of Dee Em was about Halloween.  I need a good topic for I.  Insanity?  Ice Cream (mmm.  Ice cream).  Igloos?  I need suggestions.
  • What’s been on your minds, everyone?

Cranky musings in cranky bullet point fashion.  Because I can.

  • I have a headache this big and it has “I hate living in Minnesota so much!”
  • Why?  Because it is sleeting.  SLEETING!  What the bad word is this?
  • I am sure my headache is also caused by other things, such as the change in barometer pressure and the fact that my body absolutely hates me and the only one comfortable sleeping position I can find involves me throwing my left shoulder out of alignment.   Because I have to face the door when I am sleeping.  I don’t know why.  It’s not like there are monsters creeping around my apartment or anything.  And if they were, what difference would it make if I was facing the door?  I’d be sleeping.  I can (and have) sleep through fire alarms.
  • So.  When I am complaining about this to Keem, how I want to move my bed so I can face the door and therefore be able to sleep on my right side she looks at me and says, in that practical “I am Keem and therefore I know everything” tone, “Why don’t you just sleep with your head at the foot of the bed?”
  • Why?  Oh, I don’t know.  How about because it’s practical?!  And therefore I didn’t think about it.
  • So I tried it.  And it works.  I don’t want to automatically flip over to my left side.  I stay on my right.
  • And now my right shoulder hates me.  ARGH!  I can not win for trying.  If I use my really awesome wedge pillow with the vinyl pillowcase (who makes a pillowcase out of vinyl?  Seriously.  This is truly annoying), I am able to sleep on my back but then I get leg cramps in the middle of the night.
  • Anyway, the whole point to this post was not that I am cranky but that Joe does this thing on Mondays that I really enjoy.
  • He does videos.  And this Monday, he chose the Aqua version of Living in a Barbie World which has been stuck in my head for about two weeks.  Not sure why.  Life’s fantastic!  When you’re plastic!
  • And usually the videos are awesome.  Unless he, for reasons only known to him, decides to scare the bad word right out of me by using a video that features clowns.
  • He’s an evil, evil man. 
  • And no, Joe, I still have not watched the movie you sent me, Killer Klowns from Outer Space.  When will I watch it?  When I finally get my android boyfriend so he can console me when I am freaking out.
  • I don’t know if you know this but iTunes does this free music Tuesdays and they’ve started including videos.  I have found some great new music because of this.  Here are a couple of the songs that I have to listen to over and over again when I start work, hoping that they will wake me up and my boss won’t fire me for sleeping on the job.

This is a great video to watch if you have a headache.  It’s a very soothing song and the special effects are seriously cool.  I especially love the under water part with the fish.  Oren Lavie – Her Morning Elegance.

This is the first video I ever got from iTunes and is one of my favorites.  Jack FM has started playing it recently and it is kind of cool to hear a song you’ve been listening to for months show up on the radio.  It reminds me of when Beth and I were in Portugal and saw a video for KT Tunstall, a relative unknown in the US.  We loved the song and were going nuts that we couldn’t find it here.  And then one day, you turned on the radio and there it was, A Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree.

I can’t find the video on YouTube but it is here.  Eric Hutchinson – Rock and Roll.

And this one I like as well.  I kind of relate to the chorus.  “Sweet about me.  There’s nothing sweet about me.”  Ha!  Gabrielle Climi – Sweet About Me. 

  • Also, you know how I said that I escaped the depression this year?  Yeah.  Imagine, if you will, Mr. Depression sneaking up on me and saying “HA!  You thought I went away.  You were wrong!”
  • I have been alternately crying and laughing all day.  It’s like I decided to demonstrate to my co-workers “Hey, were you wondering what it’s like being bi-polar?  This is it!” 
  • Gosh, I wonder what the problem could be.  Could it be I forgot to take my damn pills once again?  Oh, yes, I think it could be.  Damn it.  Keem just pointed out to me that my bottle of Effexor which was dispensed on January 8th, 2009 is barely touched.  It’s a 3 month supply.  It should have a lot less pills in it.
  • I am okay, really I am but I could seriously go for some chocolate right now.  And a big box of Kleenex.
  • It’s now Wednesday.  It is my birthday.  Yay me!
  • I decided to take the day off because I realy think I need a break.  I’m doing much better today, thanks, guys!

And other odd things I’ve done lately.  With bullet points!

  • I have a strange fascination for hair.
  • If someone has their hair in a ponytail, I have a tendency to bat at it.
  • Most of my co-workers are used to this.
  • But I may have frightened one of them today.

DM:  Your hair is pretty.

Pokes at shiny barrette.

DM:  And you have a shiny thing in it.
Co-worker:  Oh-kay.

  • Yesterday Christy was wearing these dangling, shiny earrings and was standing at my desk, asking me a question.  Out of the corner of her eye, she can see my hand reaching towards her.

Christy:  What are you doing?

Instead of responding like a normal person, I start batting at the earring.

DM:  Pretty.

  • Keem typically had to tell me to stop playing with the air freshener in the car. 
  • I stopped doing that because I don’t care for the dolphin air freshener, it doesn’t bat very well.
  • I like to see how far I can get with annoying Keem before she snaps.  Sometimes she’s fine with it and then other times, she has the “You.  Shut up NOW” look and I know it is not worth it to continue.
  • Yesterday we were at Target and found a small stuffed rabbit and duck that someone had abandoned in the candy section of the check out lane.

Keem:  These are cute.
DM:  They have been abandoned.  We should rescue them!
Keem:  They’re only a dollar each.
DM:  Yes, we should adopt them.
Keem:  I get the duckie.
DM:  They should be together.
Keem:  They can stay at my desk, I need Easter decorations.
DM:  And every day I can come over and re-enact the adventures of Duckie and Bunny.

I pick up the stuffed animals and start making them dance, humming a little tune.  The cashier starts laughing.  Keem sighs.

Keem:  You are such a dork.
DM (to cashier):  Sometimes I like to see how much I can annoy her.  Like talking about the farm we’re going to buy when we’re old and where we will raise kittens.*
Cashier:  Okay.
DM:  Want to talk about the farm, Keem?
Keem:  You.  Shut up NOW.

Okay, she didn’t actually say that but she did raise her hand up in a “Please get away from me, you freak, you are driving me insane” motion.

*This is something I usually do when we’re driving somewhere and I want to read but she’s not in the mood to let me read .  But if I jabber at her long enough, she’ll usually let me.

  • Speaking of cats, Kalli had her rabies shot last week.  She does not care for trips to the vet, mainly because we make her sit in the cat carrier instead of scampering all over the car like she would want.  We’d be okay with this, if she didn’t automatically make a bee-line for Keem’s feet.  Have you ever tried to drive a car when there’s a cat at your feet?  It makes having to brake interesting.
  • In the cat carrier, she starts doing barrel rolls in an attempt to destroy the carrier.  It’s actually kind of funny but she also yowls like you wouldn’t believe.
  • While I was waiting for our appointment, she was expressing her displeasure to the world.

Kalli:  MROWWWWWWWW! (Translated to mean “Oh my GOD, you humans are so cruel!”)
DM:  Yes, yes, your life is so terrible.  No one loves you.
Vet Receptionist:  Starts laughing because it is the same tone you would use with a teenager.  It’s a tone we use with her often. 

  • She will be spayed next week.  It should be interesting to see if she mellows out at all.
  • Eddy seems to be much happier to have her around than when we first got her.
  • He’s been chasing her around the apartment and it is seriously cute.  You can also hear him calling for her when he’s in a playful mood.
  • You know what is fun?  When you get a free song from iTunes that you completely love and then a couple of months later you hear it on the radio.  It makes me happy for the artists.  I love Free Music Tuesdays, I’ve found some great songs because of it.  Don’t always care for every song but it’s still a cool idea and I’m glad they do it.
  • Okay, lunch is just about over.  Hope you are having a good week.

I did lots and lots of things including:

  • Getting bit by a table (I hit my elbow on it.  It was very painful and it took some of my skin.  Sob).
  • Forgot to leave my keys for my sister so she could actually feed my cats (fortunately she has a key to the apartment, she just doesn’t have the key fob so she can get into the building.  The security guards let her in so the cats didn’t starve).  Oops. 
  • Was lectured by my mother for not leaving the keys for my sister.  I do not need her guilt trips but she keeps giving them to me.  Grr.
  • Got caught up on some blogs but am still behind on others.  I’m working on it!
  • Agreed to go on vacation with my mother and sister in August.  Even though every time I do go on vacation with them, I get sick and/or the ocean tries to kill me.  We’re going to Wisconsin again, near the House on the Rock and the awesome, awesome Mustard Museum!  Also a possibility, going to Milwaukee to the zoo and maybe the Planetarium!  Woo-hoo!  I am dragging Keem along with me.
  • Became an ordained minister.  Yes.  Seriously.  I have a certificate and everything.  I can now perform weddings, start my own church and absolve sins.  Okay, I may actually have to go a little bit further and register with the state to do the weddings.  Also, the absolving sins idea makes me feel a little weird.  Although now I can say “Go with peace” all the time!  But the church idea, well, I think this sums it up best – Mwahahahaha!  Thanks to NPW for pointing me in the right direction.  I cannot wait to tell my mother this and listen to her have a conniption fit.  I am trying to come up with a good church name but since “Church of the Angry Frankenstein Monsters” is already taken, I’m at a loss.  Maybe “Church of the Queen of the Universe”?  Or is that too sacrelgious?  Perhaps “Church of the Angry Queens of the Universe?”
  • Please think good bloggy mojo thoughts for NPW, by the way.  She is a school librarian and may have her job cut which just irritates me right the bad word out.  Teachers and librarians should not have to worry about losing their jobs.
  • Complained about my knees because I walked up and down stairs all last weekend (Great scrapbooking-a-thon at Beth’s) and then this weekend.  My knees do not like me right now.
  • Read one of the funniest posts ever by Miss Melissa.  I can seriously see her becoming an internet sensation now.

I think that’s it.  And even if it isn’t it, I have to go work now.  Dang it.

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