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I have done it. 30 days hath November and I have posted in every single one of them. Yay!

Today Kari and Josh came over. We went swimming, we played a game called Snortna (which Keem and I decided would make a great drinking game because we were laughing ourselves hysterically halfway through it) and then topped the evening watching the oddest thing I have ever seen on television. It was a spoof of Star Wars acted by thumbs. Yes. You heard me correctly. Thumbs. The world is such an odd place.


I am sitting in the living room listening to Kalli call for Eddy. A few pathetic meows and he is investigating. He has not yet figured out that this typically means “Hey! Why don’t you come and play with me? And by play, I mean I will attempt to eat your face. It’s fun!”

Although today they seem to be actually playing together. She called to him, he went to Keem’s room to find her and then chased her down the hallway. Then they did that half football game, half ballet dance that cats seem to do together. You know, tackle. Leap. Tackle. Leap, somersault, leap. Tackle.

Keem and I are going to meet my sister and nephew to see Madagascar 2. Keem won free movie tickets earlier this year so we’re going to put them to good use. It is possible that Keem and I will attempt to do a double feature tomorrow because we both want to see Bolt and I really, really, really want to see Transporter 3. Hello. Jason Statham is hot. It may turn out to be a triple feature because we also want to see Four Christmases.

I managed to finish all of my monitorings for the month at 7:30 last night. The stress headache is gone for now but it will return about the middle of December.

Must go get ready, we’re leaving soon. Have a great day! Only one more day left of NaBloPoMo. Thank God. I can’t believe I’ve made it this far!

I love Fail Blog and laughed so hysterically when I pulled this up on Bloglines this morning that I may have frightened Co-Worker Rykken.

Is it wrong that I really want the “Be like Jesus” t-shirt because it’s so pathetically bad in its cheesiness? The stick figure Satan makes me giggle. Plus, you know, he is my boyfriend.

Today has been a good day. I didn’t have to work (yay!) and got to be all lazy. Keem and I were going to do laundry but decided against it. We will tomorrow, probably. Yep. My life is filled with excitement. Friday night is laundry night. Woo-hoo!

I am thankful for:

Great friends like Keem and Beth
My family here, Kari, Eric and Josh and my mom who is in Arizona
The fact that I am working at a job I really do love even when it is stressing me out
The two best cats in the world, Eddy and Kalli.
The Big Bang Theory (the show, not the actual theory (Keem and I are watching the most recent episode for the 3rd time this week*)) – yes. I am thankful for TV. Shut up.
Many other things, including, but not limited to, happy pills. Thank you makers of Effexor.

*Can someone explain what throwing a digital sheep at someone on Facebook means? It was on the most recent episode and Keem and I don’t get it.

Coming soon! Adorable pictures of my cats! I know you can’t wait.

Having a kitten for the first time in nine years has been very interesting. Although I don’t remember ever having to remove Eddy from the freezer. Now that Kalli is a little bit bigger, she has added a new twist to her quest for the ice cubes. She actually will climb into the freezer. I do not know of many people who have had to say to their cat “Please, for the love of God, get out of the ice cubes!”

I am not a big fan of the Monday. Especially this close to the end of the month. So yes, I’m falling back on The Daily Meme for some help here.

This one is called Moody Monday and suggests you post a picture of your mood. Today’s mood is vengeful. Gosh, this is right up my alley today.

1. Desiring vengeance; vindictive.
2. Indicating or proceeding from a desire for revenge.
3. Serving to exact vengeance.

Since I really have no life and the children (cats) are sparring in the living room, here are my babies with their most vengeful looks. And for the love of God, Kalli, leave Eddy alone. You would think that long lasting growl would be a clue that he wants you to leave him alone.

I am your kitten overlord

I am still fond of this picture, even though she isn’t this small anymore. Every time I turn around, she is longer and fluffier. And not listening when I tell her to quit growing.

Get rid of the kitten or your computer gets it.

I like to think Eddy is telling Keem that this is revenge for Kalli. There are many times I catch him looking at us with this expression. The “Why did you think I needed a little sister?” look or, possibly more accurately, the “I am going to kill you in your sleep for this pain you have visited upon me.” look.

Tired. Going to bed. Have to monitor 16 calls a day this week. 3 days left of it. Oh, and we can’t put in any over time anymore. You have to tell me this now? So much for working late to get caught up. Grr.

Today Beth and I spent a lot of time scrapbooking. We also met Char for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. As always, when Beth and I spend time together, there are some weird things being said. And yes, usually they are from me.

I was telling Beth about Co-Worker Rykken’s response when I said I didn’t understand why Bryan was not famous and Nickelback was. Rykken had said “I often wonder about that myself.” Rykken has never heard Bryan sing but understands the evilness that is Nickelback (for one thing, I hate the way their name is spelled because I always want to type Nickleback. That just makes more sense).

DM: I don’t know why I hate them so much.
Beth: I don’t know, maybe because they’re no talen hacks who have tortured all of America. And at least some parts of Canada. I think they’re from Canada. So probably all of Canada.

I have just completed a layout for my Portugal album (only 2 1/2 years after the trip, of course).

DM: Pretty. Pretty pages. Pretty.

I may have been stroking them gently.

Beth: Okay, that was weird.

We have gone to Texas Roadhouse. Our waiter has taken our order for appetizers and walked away.

Char leans over to Beth and says

Char: I may be wrong but I think our waiter might be gay.
DM: For a young ‘un.

Beth and Char stare at me blankly.

DM: Eh. I’d do him.

Beth and Char start laughing hysterically.

DM: You didn’t say he was cute, did you?

Beth looks at me sternly.

Beth: Did you put socks on today?

Char almost spits out her pop.

Beth: That sounded kind of weird, didn’t it (or motherly or something)?

Char looks confused.

DM: I don’t like to wear socks.

Our waiter walks up.

DM: I don’t believe in Winter.
Waiter: Okay.
DM: Tries to explain in a rational manner. Fails.

See, the thing is, if I wear socks, that means I am acknowledging Winter’s exhistence. And I like to pretend the son of a bitch doesn’t exhist. It doesn’t work very well.

Char: Is that like not believing in fairies?
DM: I believe in fairies. Just not Winter.

Beth orders a baked potato with her meal. She asks for the butter and sour cream on the side. I also order a baked potato and ask for the potato to be loaded but want the butter and sour cream on the side. The waiter looks at me. I feel that I need to explain.

DM: I like to eat the cheese and bacon first.
Beth: I don’t think you needed to explain your dining habits.
Waiter: I don’t think that’s crazy.

It is obvious he is lying from his expression. This is revealed when I return from the bathroom and found out that he told Beth and Char that he thought not believing in Winter was a little nuts.

We come back to Beth’s to scrapbook. Char is going to hang out with us for a little while. I am becoming frustrated with a page layout. I am staring at the paper trimmer, trying to figure out measurements (never a good thing).

DM: Are these real inches?
Char: No. they’re fake inches. They’re posers.

I hold up the piece of paper I am trying to trim.

DM: Well this is 8 inches, right?
Beth: I don’t know.
DM: Well, it’s supposed to be 8 inches. It’s 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper.
Beth: Then it is 8 1/2 inches.

I realize what I have just said. Beth and Char laugh hysterically. Beth hands me her pencil.

Beth: Write that down.

DM: I am being mocked again, aren’t I?
Beth: Rightfully so.
Char: You’d think you’d recognize it by now, it happens so often.

It has been a good weekend. And now I am headed home. Hope you had a good weekend.

I have a splitting headache so I am going to post quickly, take some ibuprofen and then enjoy a quick nap. I am over at Beth’s and managed to complete two whole pages last night for my Portugal scrapbook! Whoo! I’ll probably scrapbook more while she is at work but it is more fun when she is here.

Anyway, been visiting The Daily Meme every once in awhile when I am at a loss for words and found a photo hunt for Saturdays. Looks like fun. Today’s topic was Reflection so I found some pictures I’m fond of taken over the years.

Dana 3 440

I like this one. It is from a trip to Canada that Beth and I took in May of 2006. I think it is cool that you can see the reflection of the trees in the rearview mirror but also see part of a picture on Beth’s laptop.

Dana 5 277

This isn’t the best picture but it is light reflecting off the water drops that are flying off of one of the waterfalls we stopped at on our way to Canada. I liked the way it looked.


I think we all know that I am fond of flamingos, right? What’s not to like? They are pink and birds. Totally awesome.

I like reflections

August 5th, 2005. This was one of the many times Beth, Keem and I went to Manny’s. I’m not sure why we went in August but hey, not going to complain about steak.


I’m quite proud of this picture. I like the sepia tone to it and it is one of three that I use as a backdrop on my work computer.

Bridge over saturated water

This is another one that I really like and also use as a backdrop at work. Plus I have it in a frame. I have a lot of pictures at work.

Couldn't tell you how I did it

I have no idea how I got this to work. But I love it. What I really like about it is how the water is reflecting the green and yellow of the surrounding flowers and plants and you can only see them in the water. This is the 3rd work backdrop photo and they were all taken around the same time when Keem and I used to go walking and taking pictures. We want to start doing that again but of course winter is trying to thwart us.

Okay, all. Have a great weekend. Vittum out.

It is getting to be close to the end of the month and I am very stressed out. Work has been crazy busy and I am extremely tense. My work load seems to have doubled and it is insane. But I have a nice weekend planned. Beth and I are going to scrapbook like crazy. I am looking forward to it.

Last night we went to karaoke and it was really slow. At one point Beth turned to me and said “And this is why we still go to karaoke.” Bryan was singing “Halleluiah” from Shrek and it was beautiful.

This morning, Co-Worker Rykken asked how karaoke went and I was telling him and Christy about the song.

DM: I cannot understand why he is not famous and Nickelback is.

They were amused by that. I’ve mentioned that I hate Nickelback with the fierceness of a thousand burning suns, right?

Anyway, off to take a nap before Beth calls. Hope you all have had a good week.

Can you believe it is the 21st? The month is more than half over and I’ve made it every day so far. Amazing.

So Keem is telling me this morning about this odd dream she had. Long story short, she and Patrick Dempsey are wandering through this old building. Now I can think of worse things to dream about than spending time with Patrick Dempsey (had a serious crush on him after “Can’t Buy Me Love”) so I expect that this will be an interesting glimpse into my roommate’s psyche.

And boy howdy, it is.

Apparently the old building is filled with lions and sharks. Together. Living in harmony.

DM: Are they land sharks?

Apparently not. Nor is the building filled with water. But the sharks are getting around somehow and they are hungry. So are the lions.

Keem: So I run off and leave Patrick Dempsey…
DM: Wait. You left him behind?
Keem: Yes.
DM: What happened?
Keem: The lions and sharks got him.
DM: You didn’t go save him?
Keem: I’m not going into a room with lions and sharks!
DM: You let Patrick Dempsey die. I can’t believe you let him die. That’s so mean.
Keem: It was more of a “Save yourself” situation so I did.

After that, the dream turned into some weird thing where there was a fake T. Rex wandering around trying to kill Keem and one of our co-workers showed up and distracted the dinosaur with something shiny.

The dream reminded me of Saturday Night Live when it was funny and the Land Shark skit. I miss that skit. Let’s see if it is on YouTube. I couldn’t find it but I did find it here in case you need reminding of the greatness of the Land Shark.

I came across this picture on I Can Haz Cheezburger the other day and it made me laugh.

Last weekend, on our way home from La Crosse, I was getting really tired. Typically I am not allowed to sleep in the car but Keem was feeling sorry for me since it was a fairly hellish weekend (plus I took the hit from the exploding bottle of Welch’s Grape soda for her) so she said it would be okay this one time.

But then she turned on the CD player. In the CD player is the CD, something Beth made for Keem years ago (possibly 8) and it has some great songs on it (The Devil Went Down to Georgia) and some horrible songs (anything by New Kids on the Block). We don’t turn it on very often because it is skipping in a lot of places but when we do, the car transforms into the karaoke showdown.

Keem usually will not sing along in the car, not sure why. She’s got a good voice and used to be in choir. But not everyone is like me and not afraid to make their voice heard so I deal with it. Plus, she typically tells me to stop singing with the radio because “Dana, you’re not at karaoke.”

But this CD offers sing along options. There is the aforementioned “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” which is hugely fun. Keem and I will try to keep up with the Charlie Daniels Band but typically fail horribly. Then we have to start the song over again. So this is what it usually sounds like:

K & DM: The devil went down to Georgia, he was looking for a soul to steal
DM: He was in a bind ’cause he was way hind.
Keem: Hind? What’s a hind?
DM: A small deer. Shut up.

Then we start over.

K & DM: The boy said: “My name’s Johnny and it might be a sin,
DM: But I’ll take your bet, you son of a gret?
Keem: You’re gonna regret. Dork.

And we start over.

K & DM: And if you win you get this shiny fiddle made of gold.
Keem: But if you lose, the devil gets your sooooooul (completely off key). Crap!

And we start over. This might be one of the reasons why the CD skips.

Personally I think the devil should have won. His fiddle playing was much better than Johnny’s. “Granny, does your dog bite no, child, no” is one of the dumbest lines ever.

Also on the CD are some songs from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

There’s the Time Warp, of course, as evidenced from the above picture. I still do not know what the words are after “And then a step to the right.” I usually just sing nonsense words. Keem has not yet caught me. She might be singing nonsense words as well. Hmm, let’s use our good friend, Google. Oh! Well, that makes sense.

With your hands on your hips
You bring your knees in tight
But it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane
Let’s do the time warp again!

But the best possible song on this CD is sung by the wondrous Tim Curry. Any man that can look as good as he did wearing a corset and lipstick is fantastic. The little laugh he does at the end? Gets me every time.

So the weekend was kind of a bust but the road trip was fun. As long as you have good music and a good friend, the ride is more enjoyable. It would be better if we had a new CD made or maybe an iPod road trip doohickey but still, it was great.

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