There’s this guy. I know him only vaguely but he intrigues me. And I don’t get it.

I don’t know if I’m attracted to him or not. Keem and Beth will laugh because I have said I wanted to lick him and that obviously means I’m attracted but I don’t know that it does.

I don’t know if I like him or not.

He intrigues me. I think he may be an android. So I will, from now on, call him Data. Because I was oddly fascinated with Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’m not sure why, especially when you think about how much Spock annoys me with all of his buzz harshing (believe me when I say you will not understand what I mean unless you read the post. I wouldn’t lie about this).

Data was cool (STNG Data, not guy who I may or may not like). He wasn’t human but he didn’t let that stop him. He tried very hard to get in touch with his feelings, unlike most men. He was a good friend, even when he didn’t understand the concept of friendship. He liked cats!

The non-STNG Data does not appear to have any feelings. Even when I looked up and found him staring at me. Several times. And there is a witness to this, I am not hallucinating. Seriously. I do not make stuff up. Okay, I make up a lot of stuff but not this.

And why am I giving him a fake name when I have blatantly announced my lust for Bobby’s bar-tending skills? And where Bobby works? And how seductively he pours Diet Coke and water? Not that I am expecting Bobby to find my blog any time soon but he could and then I would have to explain that I am not a freak and will not be jumping over the bar anytime soon to attack him.

Anyway, there’s this guy and I don’t know if I like him or not. I sometimes think about licking his neck but that may be because I want to find out if he’s an android or not. Not that I actually know what an android tastes like.

Am I the weirdest person you know? You can tell me.

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At 4:33 PM, The Lioness said…
I so SO SOOOOOOOO like you!!! :DDDDD
At 7:22 PM, angelia said…
Dana, you are definately not the wierdest person I know, however, perhaps the most entertaining
At 7:33 PM, Firebear said…
Should i be worried that you compare a guy to two non-emotional characters?[I don’t know if I’m attracted to him or not.]Sounds like yes, but conditional, maybe on whether he likes you.[jumping over the bar anytime soon to attack him.]i would have said bar hopping. Why? cause that is the way I think. And it sounds funny. [I sometimes think about licking his neck ]in a mother cat type of lick, like hey let me clean your neck. or a OMG I want to move my tongue up and down at the base of your skull, moving slowly to the front, brushing my lips across the skin, feeling your heart beat and biting just enough to cause a quick intake of breath or just a friendly, how are you doing lick of his neckthere is a difference. and if he is an android, he probaly would not do the intake of breath thing.[Am I the weirdest person you know?]no, you seem quite normal to me. I am glad to have meet you.
At 11:42 PM, Matt said…

Maybe it is because in a past life you were a deer, and he reminds you of your favorite salt lick in the middle of a forest, that you want to lick him, I am not sure. You are not the weirdest person I kn……ok yes you are one of them, but I do know someone weirder than you, and yes I will eventually blog about him. You will enjoy him, oh yes, you will enjoy him……Matt, aka Fester,aka Son, aka thewindowlickingcat, aka Whatever you feel like calling me
At 12:06 AM, brooksba said…
Dana, Dana, Dana,I think you do like him. You’re at least intriqued and that’s the beginning. You’re not THE weirdest person I know. But then, remember where I used to hang out. Maybe I’m not a good judge about weird.Beth
At 11:49 AM, DeAnn said…
I do NOT think you’re the weirdest person ever. In fact, I think you’re kind of normal (although this is in comparison to me and I’ve been told I’m VERY weird, so take that as you will).