Well, I didn’t get the position. I finally found out yesterday. I was told that the only reason I didn’t get it was because I didn’t have as much experience as the person they hired. Since we just found out the person who did get the job is the manager of the Lost Securities department, I guess I really can’t complain that much.

It’s super busy here at work. It’s not tax season so if you imagine I am less than thrilled about this, you’d be right about that.

I am very behind on blogging, the reading and writing of…if I haven’t been by, sorry. No time.

Right now there’s 65 people holding. This is an improvement. That thudding sound you hear? Me pounding my head on my desk. Hope you’re all doing well.

The most common “funny” response we get here when we ask “Is there anything else I can help with?” is “How about the winning Lotto numbers?” Anyone know what they might be? I’d like to retire now.

Okay, enough complaining. Have a great day. I might have actual funny stuff to write about soon.